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A foreign account is definately something I would discuss with a tax attorney before going this route to be 100% certain of the legalities and what you are required to disclose. However if taxes are as large as you say in the states then it is definately an option you should look into and wont take much time to research or acquire.


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Yes the IRS wants you to declare anything over $10k…per year. I was trying to bring my Aussie retirement back to the USA…bitcoin didn’t exist back then. What a nightmare!!! Triple taxation!!!

I ended up just losing my money in spot prices and shipping on silver. Saved me from being taxed again with fiat leaving Oz and taxed when fiat arrived in the USA


Now you have bitcoin :grinning:digital gold


the IRS has no qualms about ruining your life, they get one bad set of data and put you into the process - the average joe can’t navigate out without being rekt - the burden of proof is heavy and on you … when you hit a threshold and its these kinds of trading gains, they will sic balls
I dont know what their triggers are because I’m not a tax professional

i got a 462k bill from them in 2000, over tax years 1996,7 and 18 months later I paid them about 30k and the tax firm 30k - the firm had POA and authority to get records from the initial tax preparer, who was PWC - no normal human can claw out of shit like that without some help and spare cash to fight it

my issue was not trading related it was income tax related when i was an expat


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Why would swing trading get you rekt by the IRS? If you just pay your taxes like you’re suppose to you should be fine. Right? =)


its sad you have to argumentatively ask that, its good you trust them that much~


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