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Negative news and icon is up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

big partnerships and icon goes down


From the last I heard the exchanges have to pass an ICON QA prior to allowing ICX mainnet token transfers. My guess is that Binance was the first one to pass ICON’s QA process.



So if we have ICX it Exodus we should move it back to Binance?


Or you can use the ICONex wallet https://medium.com/helloiconworld/launching-of-iconex-b88c998442cf


I really would like ledger support for ICX main net / token swap , I don’t like software wallets since using one.

Does anyone know if this is on the cards?

If not I might wait it out for the three months


I’d really like hardware support too. I’m sure it will come eventually :skull:


Is it safe to transfer to the iconex wallet now?


i feel so sad, i want to buy more icon and bezant and other coins, but no fiat, pffff


Not before the 20th I guess


I feel you man. Same shit here. I’m out of fiat for now…


Quick question :

my ICX tokens are still on MEW ( MyEtherWallet ) in the form of ERC20 tokens. What do I need to do for the token swap ( and transfer these to ICX wallet ).

Thx in advance :rocket:


You will either want to move them to Binance prior to the swap and allow Binance to swap them for you, or you can move them to the Iconex wallet as an ERC20 token and perform the swap within the wallet. There is a swap button built into the wallet that can help perform the swap as well.

I haven’t seen anything released from the Icon team that states that swap button will be functional on the 20th. I’m making an assumption, which I probably shouldn’t do…but I am thinking that swap function within the wallet will be working on/after the 20th.

You can also keep them in your MEW for a little while. I believe we’ll have 3 months to perform the swap in the wallet.


:minibus: <- ICX token swap inside


If you hold that this current market retains behavioral patterns from the 2014 - 2015.5 bear market, only on a more expedited path, then we would see a second test and break of the .786 level, which would lead to a final bottom somewhere between July - Oct of this year, in the 4-5k area.

This is how this could play out, consistent with volume cycle patterns, general bull/bear market trends, and my belief that this retractive period will be much shorter than 2014 - 2015.5 due to the fundamental picture.


I think I will leave my icx in my ledger and wait until the dust settles before I swap to the mainnet tokens. I’m sure the security will be solid during the start of the swap. Just being extra safe. And just a reminder when transferring to always triple check your addresses and make small test amounts. Don’t want to see anyone getting rekt out there. Surely there will be scammers popping up.


I think you posted in the wrong thread.


Until the main trading pair of ICX is not BTC, the price of ICX is largely irrelevant when identifying market trends.


Well yeh but this thread is and current conversation is around the wallets and dApp’s and since there wasn’t a BTC/ICX chart it seemed out of place.


Yeah sound advice Big Mac :ok_hand: scamming is always rife when events like this take place, stay frosty af out there.

Thanks again @K_Godel great insight. you always find a way to cut out the noise in your analysis.
Your a calming figure amongst all the fuss :v: