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It is still being held back by the downtrend :man_shrugging:t2: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

It must be broken somewhere … someday :man_shrugging:t2:


when i see big green candles but icon is still below 2 dollars my internal memes get confused.


Lets look at the glass being half full this time guys, ICX had a nice little gasp of fresh air in not going down for now with the rest of the market …


Did it break the trend line?


nope, still below the downtrend, I posted 10 mins ago :slight_smile:


That was 39min ago. Price is 3140 recently.


I’m getting really impatient, but I want my Korean BBQ! Still hodling, but mad about it. :muscle: :joy:


give or take 10 mins :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a long time investor in icx. I plan on holding until at least the end of July, maybe even the whole summer.


Today the hodlers have been validated. No matter what happens over the next couple weeks. Binance just proves to the ICX crew that we have a legit utility token that is setting itself up for 360 degree success. I was seriously considering $1.50 icx by the 22nd of June because I had my doubts about the DEX launch. Those doubts are gone. This announcement is perfectly timed in my fuzzy opinion. ICX will not go parabolic…by design. Min…doesn’t want to be a TRX token. To stay attractive to professional organizations such as Deloitte.

It’s time to climb…I was hoping for $1.50 ICX but I don’t see it happening now.


Just kidding but: I am curious that what kind of job can you do with this kind of mindset :star_struck:
It seems to me that you always use some kind of psychotropic stuff before you come here :joy:


I am a reverse psychologist


I have been stacking :dollar: hoping for a sub $1 icx :sob:

I guess it still all depends on where :btc: goes :man_shrugging:


Yeah come with me gorgeous, I invested in icon in December :joy:


Min mentioned mainnet wasn’t that important before since didn’t have a role yet. Sense some IISS DEX or something dropping with token swap definitely by end of month.


reminds me of


Dex is due in q2 and was dependent on swap so hope we can start staking early. Although there won’t be much activity on the mainnet in the early stages.

Public disclaimer: My autocorrect always changes “dex” to “sex” so incase I miss it I am not sending you guys signals.

:beetconnect: I am excited for sex


Does anyone else think its odd that no other exchange has announced they support or soon will support ICX token swap ? Only Binance atm and no official statement from Min either on the news.



Min creating a bomb and icx price will explode to the moon :smiley:


the story of 2018 faslkdj sadf