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More so that the price couldn’t break resistance of 7800 and then fell through the big support at 7200, triggered alot of stop losses hence the big fall. People just like to blame it on news, but that was not the main catalyst.


Are the institutional investors really here? Have they really entered the crypto market? Or…are they waiting on the sidelines? Waiting for the kids who spent their rent money or the moms who spent the diaper money to get annihilated???

Has the shake out happened yet…is it happening now? When you see the reddit posts, the telegram posts or even the pub posts…saying fuck this crypto shit!!! I’m out I’ve had enough I’m going to have to get a second job to make up for my losses. I’m going to have to sell my kids to make rent.

That’s when the vultures will come in…not to save the day. Only when they know that enough people have been weeded out…so the controlling interest works in their favor. Are your balls bigger than theirs? They will have to be…because their wallets are bigger than yours.

The SEC will control crypto trading at some point. They are not going to do that for the protection of me or you. They will make their decisions in accordance with Soros, Goldman Sachs…etc. So that their entrance into this market is optimal.

This market has been taken over by dark forces. Hunker down boys and girls. Those expecting to be millionaires tomorrow off of a $100 investment. Crawl back into your hole it is going to be a rocky ride through the rest of this year.

I sure hope that I’m wrong! That’s why I’m posting this…because I’m usually wrong. Ask my ex wife


I see a lot of sense in what you say Randy, I’m in for the long haul & ive got wrecking ball’s so soros & his boys wont take my money, by the way that’s not your ex-wife in your profile pic is it ?



Lol…! Nah the roo was more rational than she was


I got something better than big balls. Being hard headed and potentially stupid. I won’t sell. I’m riding this roller coaster no matter where it goes.


Off topic here but if everyone thinks crypto is doing bad … some comodities are going to the frickin floor like soybeans which I wanted to get some contracts for the next season

faaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk :beetconnect::beetconnect::beetconnect::beetconnect::beetconnect:


Markets are worried about the Trump/Kim meeting. Why I don’t know?


Off to London this evening for the next few days. Hoping that waking up in a new place will bring a reversal of Fortune :grinning:


I agree with all of this. Late January/early February, I remember stating that Bitcoin had been tamed and that this was where it would stay for a while. I wrongly assumed that alts would begin to grow, but that just isn’t the case.

The beast is tamed…for now.

2-5 years from now, though? Shit going to be popping!


OMG ICX at almost 2 USD, what an insane bargain, I can almost scratch my eye balls out for not having more fiat, so exciting these discounts


Do you farm soybeans?


yes :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Under $2 then I’m using some summer funds to gobble up more.


honey the 1 week summer holiday to spain got canceled, it’ll be a 2 week summer holiday to maldives next year instead


Icon as a company has great partnership. We are all investing on the token, ICX. Which isnt being utilized at the moment… so until the utilization of the crypto then we will see "its priced in " with every announcement that icon makes… that’s my reasoning for cheap icon icx price… keep HODLING everyone… Staking will soon be here… Strong hands


We read this arguement alot on the forum and id love to believe it but the market proved with EOS that it doesnt care about that atm…


Are they GM Soybeans ?..


Exactly. Tired of hearing excuses when the reality is that the market just doesn’t care about ICX at the moment. It SHOULD eventually happen, but that time is not going to come soon.

Proof is in the fact it keeps falling down the charts, losing Satoshis while others are not.


I see no compelling argument for ICX being worth what it’s worth that doesn’t begin with “It will be worth so much more later.” This is not a financially good argument or trading strategy. People are being very irresponsible with their money imo it’s a classic recipe for disaster.


Isn’t that the nexus of all investment strategies? that you’re buying at a price point that is lower than your future expectations?

Not to mention the fact that most of us are investors and not day-traders.