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Its Crazy people buying at $1.30 for a stable $1 coin


i believe its owned by Binance ???
and apparently much safer than tether due to being audited ???
This is a good move right
surely it isn’t a stable coin if it can go to 1.37 hows that stable it defeats its whole purpose :clown_face:



A Fake Haiku, by Melania Trump

coin the phrase, “Crypto recession”




It’s huge news. Check out my post on it here.


I got huge after reading that. :sparkler:


Great in-depth article mate. Nice work :ok_hand:


Thank you! I was going to research line but that was a great summation of what they do…!


Don’t leave us hanging… You got a huge what?


So … Lines’ image is a pedo bear ? :bear:


He’s got a huge bag of ICX.


For all the hate ICX has been getting for being a stable coin as of late, I would choose it to be a stable coin in this market, while most of the others have been acting like red coins. I remember not too far back when ICX was below AION, in the $2-3 range. AION is a SOLID project, and its now $2.55, while ICX is holding high $3’s. This is just one example of many.

When the market turns around, ICX will fly.


So you’re saying now’s the time to pick up AION?


do you have a date for moon? asking 4 waifu who has been told no new house until something jumps off here


ICX bag, haha.



$20-$30 by the end of the May. Based off of ICX already priced in for the moon and Korean BBQ.


I think we get that by end of July honestly.


I want 300k+ sats per ICX, screw USD. :sunglasses:

:beetconnect: :trump:




I sign up for the patreon. How do i get connected to the patreon group now?