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anywhere on the planet with ip is about to get a massive liquidity boost that bypasses every reason people dont have access now, its game set match, bezant wins


Very interested to hear your views, and i really hope your right buddy. I think the team is going to make waves and add weight to the project, lets pray the market it right and get bezant out there to the masses.

I think $1 is pretty realistic in terms of where we can get to, would be nice to go way higher than that…and we can…but we’ll have to rely on several factors to get us there.

What’s your thoughts on price?


2.50 USD in 24 months conservatively


We can only hope. When tomb?



Hey man we can make that work. Every boat needs an anchor. I apparently invested in a lot of anchors LOL.


Already priced in… :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


I guess I can’t get too ticked off then and hope my dirty fiat gets through Coinbase tomorrow…workin’ with the dip. Sigh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I noticed a lot of people on forums and YouTube also plan to cash out in December or January. So a dip sort of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy if everyone sells.


Lies. There will be many moons. More moons than Jupiter. In the next 60 days, there will be so much mooning that you will beg Min to make the mooning stop. “Please Mr. Min, it’s too much mooning!” And Min will say, “No, we need more mooning!”


A reaction to the eminent January Bitcoin future contracts expiring?


Those red candles…


Fuckin idiot red candles


Funny that. You announce a partnership with Line and thus should expect a climb. But ofcourse it’s all red again


Last dip for the week then up up and away :wink:


Heading down towards 45k sats. Market cap is down nearly 68 billion in 6 days. Ouch!


Market manipulation. :chart_with_downwards_trend:
What other reason would cause this? Mt. Gox?


Clearly it is. Price seems to go up and dumps… Let’s see what happens a few days after Consensus.


bought some btc during this dip got in good price :wink:
you know what ill be buying soon!


Wish I had the bucks to buy more BTC. Gotta wait for more gainz.