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its sad you have to argumentatively ask that, its good you trust them that much~


Running an experiment. Pertinent supercut tho.




Thx for posting, Dogelord. I will add to Reddit.


i dont know what pepow dont understand about an app that gives you free CRM/SFA/Marketing for every freelancer with a samsung phone…

just get in the fucking lambo, were making korea great again



What happens when she can’t fit through the door to head out to the porch? Find out next week… lol


I see what you did there.

Took me a minute, lol. I think it’s working.


lol if PBC chooses ICX ofc it would pump so hard, those calls normally pump ATLEAST 40% all the whales prebuy too, would like them to chose icx, but they normally chose smaller market caps, as easier to pump.


I don’t want a pump…I love and respect the slow stable ICX growth. Plus I can afford to buy MOHR!!!


lol the pbc calls pump, and then shortly dump, so price would go back down.


I spent what I wanted to spend on it. If you ask me I can live with the $10-$20-$30 price level for few months from now.


Yeah fuck sitting through that fucking epic january crash this year, that got a bit fruity didn’t it!:joy:


I think we all got hit with that one though pal!


Everyone knows this data now. Nothing to go on for this but If you are looking to sell prior you better do it before it happened this past year.


so dont be suprised if this year end of the year sell off happens in november :smiley:


ICX is Tether 4.0.

The “4.0” signifies $4 which is its native price. If icx is above $4, you can sell and buy in lower for more guaranteed tokens. If icx drops below $4, you can add fiat and get a guaranteed profit.

$4.00 is the new moon. Welcome to crypto 2018. :sunglasses:


imagine moderators trolling the shit out of your top 2 holdings


So you bullish on bluewhale hans?

What’s your sentiment towards bez, did you get in successfully?


yes, i like it, i posted several times about huts apps and porn- even though i reduced it to a meme, im dead serious, giving unbanked people new ways to spend money is a real thing and bezant has the pieces of the puzzle to actually bring that to fruition

obvious moon is obvious