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Scroll through all of ICX threads and you will see more reporting on satoshi/BTC value rather than USD.

It’s VERY VERY EASY to make profit of USD in crypto trading. Increasing BTC holding is more difficult.


Ok, you are right most of us think in satoshi


It is the most illogical shit I’ve ever seen. Icon should just drop no news, remain very discreet about the actual plans, and maybe they can pump to 200k Satoshis like other shitcoins.

“Icon is going to change EVERYTHING. What is today is going to be different tomorrowwwww.”


$ value here. My goal is fiat based. Plus @HarryvdV I was considering a DEC cash out and put back in during the dip to double my holdings till next DEC. Anyone else thought that ?


My initial thought was that stuff would dip in dec/jan like it had in the past 3-4 years. little did I expect a fucking crash from 13.65 USD to 1.5 USD that kept going for 3-4 months.


More :usdt: baby :sunglasses:


So the new PBC report is out this Thursday and I have a feeling it will be about ICX (full report, not just a short term pick). With all these partnerships that have been announced recently, I would be surprised if it wasn’t the pick. There will probably be a slight bump in price. Be ready day traders!


I expect it to jump to 4.5 USD and then back to 3.9 hehe


But ICX price is so stable that it may not budge even if it’s the top pick on PBC.

Haven’t you remember that ICX is the new stable coin?


yep, I’m guilty of my own crypto inexperience for that too, if only I had sold to tether, I’d could’ve bought back like 4x the ammount of ICX I have atm, oh well, live and learn.


Oi. I was half way through reading that. It was a good reply lol


I had read it all, it was a good reply, but by the time he’d sell late January, the benefit of less taxes might have been destroyed by the decrease in crypto value


I think in UK as long as i put it all back in by April there are no taxes? 11k tax free amount too that I can pull out per year


I literally told all my friends newly in the crypto game to sell on or before January 4th. A few did.

What did I do? “Ah fuck it. I’m so far to the good right now, it’ll be ok.”

Still was to the good, but I should have took my own advice.


Ha - I will try again.

I started my DCA with Icon in January, 2018. In the USA, if we hold our coins for under 365 days before selling we owe more on taxes than if we don’t. As a result, I intend to hold all coins for at least 365 days before I sell.

So, if my last purchase is on 12/31/18 I can’t sell until 1/1/20.

I’ve thought about selling in December 2018, but then I’d have to pay as much as 20% more in taxes. I think, for me, I’ll have to wait until 1/1/20. If the market is cyclical and predictable and we appear to be heading for/starting a bear market around that time I’ll definitely be selling and buying back in for another 365 days. The market can be very difficult to predict though, so who knows the if we’ll see what we saw last year/early this year in future years.

For example (and this was the part I wanted to delete) - I think a lot of people are expecting a pump to the overall market cap from consensus. It’s happened in previous years - why should it not again this year? That’s a logical stance. Problem is…I’m not entirely sure we’re going to see that again this year. My assumption comes too early. I think we need to wait another week or so to truly take a look at any impact consensus 2018 may have had on the market. This was essentially why I deleted my comment. I was speaking about a data set that is not yet complete…which is dumb on my behalf lol.

But yeah…That’s where I was going in a nutshell.


the best lessons in life are the most expensive ones


I have personally found that using both USD and Satoshi values in unison is where you really win. If you want to choose sides, go with what *you think would get you to your goals. Generating wealth is a huge factor regardless of whichever you prefer.


Mate. Great post we deffo got some top guys/ girls on here


Oh shit Bitcoin is tanking. Quick! Everyone in ICX :rofl:


Have you considered opening a foreign credit account? Some countries dont tax and have no intention to as well as make it easy snd cheap to open from abroad… if you are interested PM me (if possible in the pub) and ill point you in the right direction