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Find a different gas station :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


dont try to push your metric satoshi bullshit on us



you cant buy gas with ICX either mate lol

certainly, sat value is what rules everything, I dont want an Ethereum-esque scenario, where sat wise it has being bleeding but just because the BTC value has gone up, what is left is being apraised more.


:joy: USD is just a tool used to estimate how many bitcoin we can buy in the next bear market.


I am more interested in ether value. Bring on the flippening.

  1. :eth:
  2. :btc:


@K_Godel Enjoyed the breakdown, and always good to read your views on crypto along with predictions in price. I’m not really sure when our next bull run will come, but i do believe it will sometime this year for sure. What your thoughts on when we’ll get take off?

It all depends on how icon is seen by FOMOers and investors alike when the bull run is in full swing, if the sentiment is strong then i believe we can get higher than that. But if not…then i think your prediction can still be achieved. So i presume your prediction is a bottom price or a average?

if we are not $50+ come EOY i’m feeling pissed.


My predictions are still the same, I’ve never changed.

So, anywhere in the $20-$30 range this cycle, with another cycle occuring towards the end of this year -to- early next, would take us north of $100 USD, potentially hitting above $200 USD before the mid of 2019.


No, not really. Because that would still depend on how much Bitcoin is priced at.

But if your estimate in satoshi/BTC, then it already estimates the proportion of BTC.

Additionally, most of us are not interested to ‘truly’ cash out in USD. We are interested to increase our BTC holding, especially in view of the imminent economic crisis.


And for the record, im more interested in USD value…there i said it!
Being financially free, to help my family out and do good in this world will not come by owning satoshis…well not for a long time yet anyway. So whilst the dollar is still a integral part of financial systems, i shall follow that until my time in crypto is done!


getting way over our skis on this thread

aint nobody about to measure wealth in btc~


It depends on your goals. My goals are to accumulate wealth, regardless of the medium. If that means it is priced in ICX, so be it. I don’t limit myself, I’m not rigid.

I just use USD as a tool to estimate future buying power for more crypto, you can almost say it as a short-term stable coin.


but you cant rely on that only, lets see … if BTC increases its value by 5x and it goes to 42.5k per BTC then ICX will be worth the $20 alone if it stays at its current sat value of 47k sats but in reality you haven’t acquired not a single bit of more buying power when all the coins are valued in sats, in fact, if those “other” coins increase in sat value your buying power has decreased, like the Ethereum chart I posted.


Well presently if BTC isn’t healthy then nothing is really going to be healthy since most exchanges are BTC dominant trading. So pricing things in beetcone has to be considered for now.


My goal, as with yours and many others, is to accumulate wealth too.

I think you are missing my point about USD value versus BTC value.

Say your prediction is spot-on and ICX reaches $33.25. That’s AWESOME if BTC price remains at what it’s at: $8,800-$9,000. ICX enjoys an increase of 8x while BTC stagnates. In terms of BTC value, ICX will be at 0.004, which will be impressive, to say the least!

But it would be unimpressive if ICX reaches $33.25, while BTC is at $100,000. ICX enjoys an increase of 8x, while BTC at 12x.

In either cases, I can cash out in USD and be in huge profit, but in the latter case, I will be up more because of BTC performance.


Yes yes, you are speaking on an intra-cycle level. I am speaking on the cycle as a whole (hence why I estimate my price projections in USD). When you decide to cash out your ICX to BTC or vise-versa is a personal decision, and one that depends on the speed of growth of the individual platform vs. the other.


Yeah i can understand and relate to that, for me I’ve got a USD target in mind so i work around that. Others will follow the BTC route, each to their own I think.
Iv’e been saying it to myself for a long time now, that ICX will do a cardano in terms of a run up. Don’t know when, just know it’ll happen. Im hoping it’ll be in the next bull run, but if we have to do it in stages im okay with that too.

I think the landscape of coin market cap and crypto will look a-lot different come end of 2018, I always ask myself what’s going to be ICONs catalyst. I thought it would be big news, clearly not…thought it would be when people wake up to the project, clearly not…so now what will be the catalyst for ICON is when the big boys who have no doubt been accumulating decide to pump this.


What about the Q1 dip? Do you think this year had an abnormally bear Q1 and won’t repeat next year due to institutional money?


I open the floor to comebacks and other points of view :+1::blush:


If your end goal is to cash out then its all about usd. Obviously!

Measuring your trade etc then Satoshis.

As I only care about building my icx stack not btc I don’t care if BTC went to 100k or stayed 8k as long as my icx stack gets to my moon goal. Simple.


The catalyst will be the much overdue token swap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: