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I see your point, and it’s good to preserve thread boundaries, but surely there’s got to be wriggle room, as long as the input sheds light on the thread. There’s a massive theme running through this thread about how and when ICON is going to take off. BTC is inextricably linked to this interest. The BTC mother ship glides overhead many many pub threads at times. @K_Godel post was a welcome addition for me. The guy’s got acumen and insight. His post helped me keep valuable perspective, relevant to this thread, where he thoughtfully posted it.


So once we stake the coins we no longer control them? They can’t later on be sold? Just trying to grasp the concept.


If k godel wrote about what he ate for breakfast I would read it and take notes. But I understand what nekko is saying to keep on the subject of :icx:

@Unpredictableacts you can still unstake your coins and remove them from the incentive system. Think of it kind of like a savings account. You take money out, you no longer earn interest.


Binance said that they would cease deposits and withdraws of Icon starting 6/20. Does that mean that the token swap begins on 6/20?


Hello, I have a question regarding the ICX token swap Binance recently announced 13 hours ago, does it mean all ICX holders only have until the 20th to swap from the ERC 20 token to mainnet?


We should remain on topic, but also remind ourselves of the larger goal at hand here.

It is an innately human characteristic to focus on the lowest base concern (ICX and its effect on ICX), but we do not live in a bubble, and must remain cognizant of the benefits in focusing on larger frames of thought. We are all victims of this, as we are all human.

Continuing in a more broad sense, I think the goal a majority strive for here is not to simply become wealthy, although we might remind ourselves as much (I too fall victim of this), but it is and should be to become sufficiently objective self-thinkers, and in this vein, criticism should be encouraged. Objectivity in mindset and rigorosity of thought benefits all here, or else we should seek a more efficient means to spend our time.


I believe you will have three months to swap. The 20th is the date that Binance will begin the swap.


Double green ICON … that is something I have not seen in a while :slightly_smiling_face:


I so want to insert that Ron Paul, “it’s happening!” gif. But I’ll refrain. The last time I did we had a red candle monstrosity the next day.



In light of the current sentiment, I feel a price prediction may put things in perspective, and work to brighten the mood.


If Tim is correct, contingent upon BTC reaching $250k by 2022, and we assume past historical projections remain consistent into the future, whereby ICX doubles BTC increase in price (1:2):

A $12k BTC investment today yields $.5m USD, at $250k. (42x)

A $12k ICX investment today yields $1m USD, at $168. (84x)

ICX is $2 now, in 2018.



@K_Godel, what does the $168 signify in the ICX portion of your prognostication?

Never mind! figured it out…$168 coin, duh.


Do you guys feel like IISS or Dex is next in the pipeline of ICON release? Im hoping for the staking!


These are the two big things than can contribute to an ICX rally. A lot of people here are eager to stake :slight_smile: .


I’m pretty sure that’s the next logical step. I think the biggest price action should result from that…of course it would be more amplified if BTC would get out of the doldrums.


Good to see us slowly clawing our way back up near the top 20 in market cap.:hulksmash:


I hope this post ages well.


I have my icx on my ledger. Is it time to make my icon wallet now or transfer to binance and let them handle it.


I say make an icon wallet because youll need the freeze feature that i dont think the ledger will ever have… get on that icon waĺlet


But ICX will have a much larger growth than just doubling in Satoshi value.