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I think it will happen later because most people in crypto space take risks, so it might be mid dedc


ICX , ZRX , and TRX. I think I’ll be putting a few bucks in these guys very soon. I got a good feeling these 3 will treat me well as the month progresses. Especially that :icx:

I’ll say my prayers🙏🏼


What about Tether? Can we trust it? I don’t want to cash anything out until next year.


There is no reason we should still be less than ATH Satoshi value. That we’re still sub 100k Satoshis is a crying shame.

We’ve had every reason for growth, lots of fundamental reasons for growth…and nothing.

Everyone is going to continue to pump and dump the shit out ICX. I’m sure other coins are feeling similarly. Until BTC takes off, there will be no moon shot of 3-4x growth.


By the way I just watched the consensus vlogs like boxminimg etc they saying things looking positive… but all the comments are saying btc dropping to 7.8k or 6k?


My local news just ran a bitcoin 101 segment. Can u spot the icon reference?


I hope not. I’ll be getting rekt on the May main net release coins. If it does go that low, ICX will be pretty cheap.


All of them end with an ‘X’. Is it because X marks the spot?


Soneone needs to lay out some traps because the bear is wrecking my charts



It is the new Lambo


Don’t forget NULsX :wink:
Rumored by the Asian whales to be headed toward Bithumb.

Time for myself to buy more cheap ICX

I realize that @peter has been DCAing ICX…curious how many he now owns.


another amazing week in bitcoinpub


Heard that as well.
df gfdf gf


Not sure if anyone already posted this but this is a pretty interesting read about ICON & LINE PLUS joint venture.

:icx: :rocket: :full_moon:


whats going on today. lost 60cent per coin. confused!


Bitcoin futures i believe. There was a rumour about XRP futures and ethereum as well. :saitama:


You can only trust your shadow


coz the ppl that comment in most cases are emotional idiots

just look at youtube in general, as soon as you post any video within 3 comment is is “N*ger this" “white trash that” "ho” etc


Did ICON make a huge partnership announcement? Why is the market tanking?


bitcoin is king, until btc goes up, everything except for 1-2 coins is down