ICON [ICX] Cost Averaging TEMPLATE



please watch youtube videos about how to setup myetherwallet! that should help!


play with a few wallet first, and test transfer first before sent all coins!




hey guys i missed one week of DCA with ICX are we at a slight loss right now with the coin ? Here is a snapshot of my DCA chart with approx avg investment of $30 to $35 are my calculations correct? thanks


In future i am going to do straight $40 so i dont confuse investment but i just want to know if my calculations are correct in the price investment and current value boxes If my calculations are incorrect please let me know thanks


Just seen your DCA video for 2018 today put in $400 into ICX & IOTA for the late start. And currently Day Trading altcoins (ADA,OMG,NEO,EOS,ETH,LTC,BCC,XRP) strictly for bitcoin for a ticket to the big show. :rocket:


somethings wrong. if all your current values are higher then initial investment you should not be down money.


So when you guys do DCA - shouldn’t it go by the sats? For instance, if i purchased ICON today at 0.00079 btc, wouldn’t I want to keep track of that? And have a sell order at 0.0015 to double my money? And then worry about BTC USD conversion later?


I run mine with both. Btc helps show the true gains, but having the usd helps give a snapshot of the btc to usd value at the time.


got ya, i was just getting confused while looking at the templates and seeing no sats so i thought i was missing something lol


Yeah, the dollar amount alone is very misleading. An 8 dollar price at the end of December is not the same as an 8 dollar price at the end of January. If BTC has halved in value, the 2nd 8 dollar is actually a 2x gain.


you’re right, i was initially buying icx against the usd amount and looking back checking the sats, man i bought in HIGH lol


Exactly, when I go over my Blockfolio inputs, there are times when my $7 purchase was more expensive than an $8 purchase. If, in the end, we are going to convert our icon to BTC when we cash out, then it’s all about increasing the BTC value.


Same when i first bought it was 7400sats the current price right now is around 7900sats but the price difference was 7.21$ vs 9.19$ which insanly big difference. If i put the 7400sat right now it will be 8.62$ which is more than 1$ higher than it was 5days ago. I think it’s more effective to do it on sats but again $ is more easy in the eyes. Besides you’re still putting a constant amount of $ to get a constant result of $.


@peter can u update the icx google spreadsheet for 26 jan 17


Exactly. If you look at sats you can tell if you are outperforming BTC. If you are not outperforming BTC you might as well sell for BTC and sit on that :slight_smile:

I only care about with my BTC pile is growing. (that will only change if there comes a practical way of doing direct ICX<->FIAT)



So I notice on the template that the price of fees are not listed. Should I take into account the amount that is removed from binance which will lower the actual share I own? Would that make this chart a little more exact? Example: I bought 37.75 but when i transferred off the exchange I received a total of 36.13


I use the delta app for this. It gives me the price I paid for a coin after deducting the fees. Offcourse, for this you would have to manually start tracking your transactions but it takes only few seconds to quickly add a transaction in delta.


Never heard of the delta app IOS? Or where do I find it


I deleted it after having trouble adding the fees for every transaction. It doesnt calculate the total accurately.