ICON [ICX] Cost Averaging TEMPLATE



Good man! Just making sure :smiley:


Peter, any chance to get another interview with Min to give us holders a little update on their trajectory?


I asked. He hasn’t responded other than an “Ok. Sure.”


i am glad you turned down an interview with that asshole Doug Polk He made millions of dollars playing poker so now hes bored and isnt getting enough attention so he starts a crypto channel which he knows nothing about . On another note it takes a hell of alot of willpower to buy crypto right now and at the same time stay positive . I am hoping by the summer things pick up to the point where profits are on the horizon


Just play the long game and don’t focus on day to day price action. This will likely be a small blip in a massive upward movement in the long run. If you’re invested in projects with strong fundamentals that you believe in, there is nothing to fear.


i cant blame you for not updating DCA because its kinda hard to stay motivated when its done very little to get excited about I dropped ICON DCA No motivation


Have to disagree there.
Being motivated by price action short term is an emotion dca is supposed to eliminate.
the fact we’ve had a prolonged low price range is ideal for people who dca surely?


@Clarky663 I have to agree as much as I want it to increase in price like @bitcoinnewbie does and everyone that is invested in ICX project. I as well don’t mind this sideways action as I am DCA for the long term and not just short term. I believe In the team, project, and most of all HYPERCONNECTING the world and not just Korea.


I’ve still been buying. But I just didn’t update the spreadsheet.
It’s hard to update the spreadsheet when there’s so much to do!


you mean its hard to update when there are massive losses to report


Hi mate, you seem to be panicking slightly.
If your finding it tough to dca when the market is down are you possibly investing more than you can afford to lose? Or where you under the impression it was just going to be profits from day one?


It was profits from day 1…:whale: .remind me why I didnt sell at 12 dollars? :joy:


It’s not hard to update if you did your research on why you invested in this project in the first place.


Breaker breaker 1.9. To anyone feeling queezy, If you skeered, bail… it shouldn’t cause stress and fear, unless you’re over extended beyond your means. If it’s causing those emotions you might want to get out and wait for the next bull run. Its a little sad seeing the price at 2 bucks but at the end of the year or beyond you’ll be happy you were getting so many coins for so cheap. Never invest more than you’re willing to loose. Even though @peter is a crypto stud, you shouldn’t blindly follow anyone without doing your own research, over-Jbeard out.


Oh yeh. Don’t blindly follow me. I’m kinda enjoying my DCA tho. Picking up more and more coins every friday for my $100 tho… will be interesting if I can keep it up…


I invested $37 per week stopped at $100 after a few wks so i basically lost nothing Have no idea what you are talking about


Who are you kidding PETAH? We both know what ICON holds for the future. I’m putting my money on a few of the smartest people in the world. No need to worry.


Just wondering why your so determined to get peter to post about icx dca when as you know as it stands it’s down. I just think your forgetting that dca is a long term strategy. We’ll done for getting out if that’s what you wanted to do :ok_hand:


Oh hell no I’m not getting out at all, that was just my 2 satoshis on the people complaining about the price being low and Peter not updating, I’m happy it went down, I got a lot more at a great price.


did you stop DCAing??