ICON [ICX] Cost Averaging TEMPLATE



Download the 2018 cost averaging template for ICON [ICX] for this next years 1 YEAR DCA EXPERIMENT!

Join along if you’d like!

First purchase made today!

ICON COST AVG - 2018 Year Experiment! :icx: :rocket:
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That’s awesome man, thanks


you plan to put $100 a week?


That’s how I made those massive gains this year. $100. Every Friday. I hope my two coins I DCA will see similar profits… but who knows???


Cool. I knew you did it every Friday, wasn’t sure if it was $50 or $100. I may be able to swing $50 every Friday. The diapers and baby formula are taking a toll on the lame state government salary.


Am doing the same thing as you man 100/wk prolly 200/wk max if I can stretch that.


The game begins… 2018 will be a slamming year!!!


I’m with you bro,HODL until december 2018 :rocket:


my wife just lost her job but if I can DCA $100/week into ICON I’ll def. try

half my issue is getting the money in to buy the BTC to BUY the Icon - LOL


@peter In my template, I have your face instead of Chucks. :joy::joy:


I’m hoping we don’t cause a huge dump of the price when the entire pub sells ICX Dec 2018 lol. At least I’m hoping I start selling first haha


I was just thinking this! Imagine when we all decide to sell. Collective whale :slight_smile:


awesome man! ill try to do $50… just go out to eat a little less and skip lunch every now and then!


Hehe… maybe we should space it out some. Group A sells, the price dips then recovers, Group B sells, wash, rinse, repeat.


People can safe a ton of money if they don’t eat out lunch every day


I’m in…! Adding to my list of DCA coins!


Not joking!! I think we might seriously need to do something like this lol


I’m planning to do a similar thing but I want to hold BTC until the Icon/BTC price is lower. I see a pattern where whenever Bitcoin stagnates, Altcoins rocket and when Bitcoin rises, Altcoins shoot down.

Also, ICON has a ICIIS template, some kind of scoring system where they reward holders for either securing nodes, freezing ICX, and etcs. This might come in handy if you want to multiply your ICX holdings! Good Luck to you!


Do you mind sharing a link to information on this ?


I quit smoking to come up with my DCA funds!!! I work through lunch every day anyway.
$50/week not spent on ciggarretes is better spent on ICON.

Lets get it PUB!! To the mf`n moon!!!