**ICON ICX Coin Chains!**


Since I have a great deal of confidence in Icon and crypto in general, I wanted to get creative and make something that the pub would enjoy!

1" x 3/16"

I’m asking $5ea. if you would like to pay in crypto that can be arranged! Shipping (I’m located in the US) would be $3 if paying with crypto, $5 if paying with Paypal.

All proceeds will go towards my first mining rig!

If you would like to see coins other than Icon, let me know!


Awesome idea! Are they 3D printed?


Yes! I can make larger object volume as well (12×12×24) max


This is some quality 3D prints! Those lines on the bottom, are they on purpose or accidental? If they are accidental, this is some crazy beautiful SHEEEAT going on here!


No, I actually modeled them in to match the ICON background



Now that’s some serious dedication here! :icx::bitrocket:


Dogelord approved merch in the works? Maybe?


Those look amazing, nice job! Would love to buy one to have as a constant reminder of good things to come from a solid project. How may I purchase one?


Shot you a message with details, Thanks!


Apologize for just getting back to you, as soon as I sent that I fell
asleep. Thank you for the quick response though. I’d like to order two of
them and I’ll pay through PayPal if that is ok.


@peter I can send more of these for giveaways if you’d like. If you have any ideas on what other coins would be popular I’m all ears!


Custom 3D printed stuff for crypto is a business size not hobby size opportunity

Big kudos for going from idea to product to live ready to ship



Thank you for the kind words!