ICON COST AVG - 2018 Year Experiment! :icx: 🚀



To my knawledge, people use ethereum for alt coins.
Bitcoin just for hold
Ltc to eth or btc to avoid the heavy fees on btc ?

I would appreciate if someone can clarify though


To clarify the Question, what i really want to know is the proper way to DCA. Whether it’s BTC or ICX is secondary.


What I do is buy LTC on Coinbase then I send that to Binance sell for BTC then buy ICX, if I have 100 dollar this usually ends up at 95-96 when I am buying ICX.

Haven’t been able to set up GDAX account yet because of some problems with me being swedish but living in the US at the moment but if you do the buy of LTC via GDAX this would lower the fees.


BTC is the king. Get your ticket. It’s more than just getting 1 BTC. It’s actually owning a full one AND supporting the network AND moar!

Think of this. If we spread out bitcoin to every person in the world nobody would have 1 FULL bitcoin.

In the future… having 1 FULL bitcoin can put you in places unimaginable!


To answer what I think you are asking. For the purpose of DCA make sure your fiat is already in Coinbase, on DCA Friday but some LTC then transfer to your favorite exchange and buy ICX. If you would like to DCA BTC as well just buy some and transfer to your hard wallet. I highly recommend doing both until you get up to 1 full BTC as in the future that will be next to impossible to accomplish for a newby entering the space.


The goal is definitely to get to 1 bitcoin but I’m trying to understand what is the best way to get there. I find the relationship between Fiat, BTC plus Atl coin confusing. I’ve watched a few videos on it, some by Peter(you) and what I got was; you need to keep any alt coin gains in perspective of Bitcoin’s ups and downs. Primarily because at some point you will have to convert back to Bitcoin. Knowing this and taking into account opportunity cost, you would only want to invest in an Alt coin that is going to outperform BTC before you convert it to BTC.

For example, assume the price of BTC is $10,000 right now.
If I think that BTC will jump to $40,000 this year but eventually settle around $30,000 by Dec, overall it will have a 3X gain.
Now 3X is the benchmark, So I would not want to invest in an Alt coin that gives me less than 3X.

Q1. Is this logic correct? Also, if I convert my Alt coin which outpreforms BTC in Dec, will I still have a net positive? (not lose opportunity cost?) If you have any videos on the topic plz let me know or if you could explain it on stream tonight that would be awesome. I am a daily viewer and also halfway through B90X. OR if any Pub members can answer this any advice is welcome
Lastly, how do I become a pub patron?
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Q2. Do you think by the end of the year or two there will be exchanges that allow direct fiat trades with alt coins? thus the peging to BTC, ETC, is less important. Im planning to Hodl till the cows come home so i dont mind waiting.

Q3. If the price of BTC runs up in the next few weeks this makes the BTC comparative for Alts lower (“Day 2:” below), does that affect the fiat price to get in? I understand Alts are peged but does there fiat value change independently?

Day 1: 1 dollar = 1 BTC = 2 Alts
Day 2: 1 dollar = 0.8 BTC = 2 Alt ( value of BTC went up, alt stayed the same =oppourtunity loss)
Day 3: 1 dollar = 1 BTC = 1 Alt (value of BTC stays the same, Alt goes up = oppourtunity max)
Is this also correct?


I finally was able to use my mined btc to dca icon. Took forever for nicehash to cough up the goodies lol. My dumb ass had the miners send btc to coinbase instead of binance. Fixed now though :smile:


Just did my DCA, close to 1500 ICX now :smiley: Feels good getting so much ICX for my money. But I have to admit I’dd like to go to profit again :slight_smile:


Brutal day in the green to DCA, I almost did it Wednesday when everything was red. Oh well, at least I’m staying consistent with my Fridays.


i hear that! I split my money this week…done some earlier in the week on the drop because I couldn’t resit.


I wish I did, but I just wasn’t ready and was like Friday will be a good day. It is a good day for the portfolio but not as good for buying. Can’t win it all :rofl:


Each night, I fall asleep contemplating the wonder and awe of this not-so-far away future land - an almost touchable legend.


@peter i will not be ready to DCA anything until end of April 2018 but i am here just trying to get a grip of things when the time is right and when it comes to these spreadsheets, call me FRED FLINTSTONE if you will but i am useless unless it’s typing a web address of bookmarking a page…

Would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction to using it pls?

Thanks as always


You can do the DCAing without using the spreadsheet - it’s just a way to keep extra good track of what your buying points were so that rather than just see your wallet amount and value, you can also correlate your purchases to profit. So if you bought at $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 and $12 - if you just looked at your wallet when the price was back down to $8, you may know how much you spent and how much you now have - but you couldn’t easily tell that 60% of your coins are in profit and 40% are at a loss.

It helps you know when you can take profits as the price rises.

I would say it’s worth just spending some time playing with it and ask questions.


Thanks for that clear insight @Lennytrader. Appreciated


I took advantage of the drop today (Wednesday) and grabbed more. We shall see if I’m wrong on Friday DCA day or not. The scare of the Binance hack scared many today (me included).


bought some more very cheap : ) $2.5


I guess the good news with these low prices lately is now I only need ICX to hit 4 bucks to be in the positive again instead of 8…


I do proportional buying. The more it drops, the more I throw into it. Been eating up a lot of my fiat as of late, but man is my average low lol.

I have a separate DCA hodl chart for ICX at a flat buy-in rate (not much) just to test.


No need to cost average icon, just buy as many as you want now for around 50c…probably around the right price atm…