ICON COST AVG - 2018 Year Experiment! :icx: 🚀



By what do you mean not available Friday? You or the market?


Me,Family time, vacation, closing the internet.


Myetherwallet for the win guys.


Ledger nano s and myetherwallet.


I keep my bulk on a trezor. the user interface for stuff thats not bitcoin is a little annoying. but its safe and sound!


@peter, thanks for an awesome live show tonight and your thoughts on ICON as well.
Looks like this dip has weeded out the weak hands.




Missed the last 2 streams :see_no_evil: I’m hoping to make it to the one tonight, but no guarantees as I have to go to a fundraiser at six. I really hope it doesn’t go longer than an hour and a half.


Noobs :troll:


SMASHED!!! will be on a plane tomorrow had to get it in.


Just got my sister into Crypto. Tried to explain DCAing into ICX to her. So she bought $700 of ICX @ $3.24 LOL!! Ok Well, That’s ok too, lol! Doesn’t take well to moderation.


Genetics. F*ck them. AmIright?


She wanted to jump right into Ether Delta. " How do I buy Zilliqa on Ether Delta, the price is going up?"… Im on a cell phone, in the car driving 85mph down 95 South and she wants me to walk her through Ether Delta! Ummm, yeah hun, your gunna have to wait till I get to your house for that. lol!! No Shame!


Got my Fiance today to bite on the DCA of ICON! She has seen me and Crypto now for about 3 years and is like ok lets try this for a year and see what happens! Very excited now we can be a crypto couple


For those using fiat: are you using a debit card and taking a hit with the fees? Or do you purchase say ETH one week, wait 5 days to clear, and transfer over the next Friday?


I do a bank transfer to coinbase/gdax wait a week and then when the money is there purchase either BTC to hodl or LTC to transfer for DCA Friday fun. :smile:


She did good lol :+1:


@peter you should be up there explaining


I just do bank transfer. fee are not my friends.


Hey Pub Peps, I have a nub question. I’m planning to DCA with The Dogelord on ICX and Im wondering which is the better strategy.

a) I buy $5000 in Bitcoin now and slowly convert $100 worth on BTC into ICX each Friday
b) Convert $100 fiat into ETH then convert that into ICX every friday

Is one way better?