ICON COST AVG - 2018 Year Experiment! :icx: 🚀



Yes it is! Dropping in! Let’s do it!


:hulksmash: Done ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


all done until next week


did mine too… but DAMN with btc rising like that icx sats dropping like a rock


Coinbase time to deposit is driving me bonkers! Lesson learned to keep some float…#newbiechallenge


Peter, awesome challange i am in!


Done this week :slight_smile: at 6.58 hahaha nice dip


That’s exactly what I do


Starting my ICX DCA today. HODL for a year! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Just SMASHED my $50 in for the week. Already up 14% since last week


question for you guys… Which exchange are you buying your icx for the DCA? Binance has a 1.5 icx fee to withdraw. If Binance, are you guys accumulating enough before withdrawing to lessen the fee hit?


Thats exactly what I am doing. Others will say NEVER keep it on the exchange and I agree. However, I’m not wasting $7 (or more if you think in the future) to move my ICX into a wallet every week. That adds up over a year. I am going to move my ICX into my wallet once a month.

Hopefully they lessen the transaction fees once the prices go up like they did with NEO.


Thanks Erik. I think the withdrawal fee was at 1 ICX before, and it increased to 1.5 icx. I hope they do lessen that in the future especially when ICX starts mooning. :rocket:


But you can use Binance coin to reduce the fees…i think…


No, the fee reduction applies only to trading, not toward withdrawal.


Did my first $100 yesterday. Just a quick question on how people are getitng the BTC.

Do you buy the BTC at market rate before transferring to Binance and buying the ICX? Or do you already have BTC bought in higher quantities when cheap and then just use $100 worth each time you DCA?

Thanks for any insights.


If im trading currencies, i use either Ethereum or Litecoin.

Litecoin is the fastest it seems. BTC is CRAZY slow.

But i dont trade BTC at all. I hodl BTC. I buy it and put it in my ledger nano.


Gonna be great year for us.


So even after the ltc hike you all bought in and transferred and bought icx…it just bugs me that’s ltc is up 59 bucks from my last buy in


Ohhhhhh is it still up?