I need guidance and legit know-how in regards to my ETH address


So I’ve noticed that my eth address on my binnance acct has a few coins that I am not being credited for. If it was a few bucks I wouldn’t mind. However, it’s totalling $600 on etherscan.



Coins that you own (bought or transferred there), or just coins that you’d like to own? :stuck_out_tongue:


Bought, transferred from coinomi, and got airdropped for having the eidoo wallet(double salty balls: I factory reset my phone and lost my backup info to restore my coinomi. It had my Callisto…). A



Are you sure that’s your binance eth address?


I wish it and I were not, but I just did a compare side by side, and I’m certain.
What really really really sucks is that none of those coins and balances show up in my funds section.


I msg’d Binance support. I will keep you all posted on what they respond with.

I’m pretty sure that I am done with Binance though. If only Coss had Cardano listed then I would use them only. Well until I figure out DDEX, EtherDelta, and IDEX. If anyone knows about cryptobridge let me know.


Man… Binance Carlos basically said it was my bad and that I should go over the FAQs, and to contact him after I do so if I need anymore help. It’s going to be tough, but I’m no longer going to use them. Maybe I will go back to Kraken? I’m new at this whole AI bot investing thing but I’d love help on that stuff. I will mention it in my next post of: questions, curious, and funky fresh what the dueces?