I build a "Mining Rig Builder" to make sharing of rigs easier



1 year ago I started my mining journey. Basically, I feel that I started like everyone and followed a guide(I think it was from vice) that I have found on the internet, bought some GPUs and a power supply and started to mine.

However, I came to the conclusion that it is pretty hard to build an efficient profitable mining rig. The reason for this is in my opinion that many rig builds on the internet are outdated or not detailed enough.

Hence I have created coindation.com, which should help us to build mining rigs. As I have just launched the website I am happy for any feedback that you can give me!

I’m hoping for feedback on:

  • The overall design of the website: I built this myself using JQuery/Bootstrap as I am not a designer.
  • The “Rig Builder” itself and any ideas you might have for it.
  • Additional features you would like to see
  • Anything else you think I should hear.

The website is at coindation.com.

Thanks in advance,


Thank you for your post. Nice, clean and simple website. Great tool, I will keep my eyes on it. So you also selling rigs from what I can see. Do you have already happy customers which you help so much on their mining journey? If yes, consider some quick comments from them, short stories of something like that. Validation!


Good job! Images always help.


@kimchi @jel111 Thank you for your kind words! If you feel to add a mining rig build, please add one under the “Rig Builder” tab: Rig Builder Tab

Would you like to see any more features? What would be useful for you?


Great job ! I really like your site !
(It would have save me time last year too)

I just have a question :

The price says 1773$ for a 6 GPU mining rig, but actually you can only buy 1 GPU at this price right ?


I have used your website with success and really appreciate you for making this. I believe it is great the way it is now, but if I run into any issues I’m glad you are here to help out!


Was looking at your site today and was curious as to how you picked out the parts to list as they seem to be just Amazon affiliate links. If that is the case I would highly suggest looking at some more of the standard builds that include the Celeron G4400/3930 which is a $40-$50 processor instead of $80 and the BioStar TB250 core 6GPU board which is normally between $60-$70.

I know there are a ton of options out their but these are some very core components and widely used in GPU mining. More so than say an ASUS Strix motherboard which is a little over double the price of the BioStar.

I would also add more and cheaper DDR4 options as most of the MB / CPU combos require DDR4. On this note the type of memory that shows up should probably be dictated by which motherboard is chosen. Not sure how hard that is to implement. Another option here is that under the memory button have two options one for DDR3 and one for DDR4. Then clearly state this next to the mobo name so that the user can quickly determine which type they need.

PCIe riser section is blank and this is a neccesity for a rig suggest getting some options there. I did see one option in the “more parts” section that should be in the PCIe riser section.

Just some suggestions/critiques.


Thank you for the feedback!

In the upcoming week I am going to release a newer version on the side. If anybody needs some help or wants to give some feedback/suggestions please PM me!


Yes, exactly. To make it clearer I will fix that in the upcoming version.