HTC just announced the world’s first blockchain phone



Nice article, although it’s not the first but the second


It’s interesting, Heuwei also adding BTC wallet to all their phones. I wonder if apple and Samsung will follow suit? Or risk being left behind when it comes to crypto


They are hive mind. They all think alike. It’s inevitable.


This is a big deal, everyone with a smart phone could potentially have a bitcoin wallet at their fingertips. We know bitcoin is the future and what the potential is but for people still skeptical who think it’s a scam or Ponzi scheme who have never took the time to learn about it, it kind of makes it legitimate to those kinds of people.

They get their new phone and see a Bitcoin wallet and will automatically think, wow there must be something to this otherwise these mobile phone manufacturers wouldn’t add bitcoin wallets as defaults if you get what I mean.


And like you said, if apple and Samsung see that competitors are adding crypto wallets they will probably get FOMO and add one too. Although apple may be reluctant because of Apple Pay


I’m not a blockchain dev nor a cell phone manufacturer, but why does a cell phone need blockchain again?


Because it isn’t just a cell phone and hasn’t been for years.


Okay, then why does a pocket computer smart phone need blockchain? I’m curious what the use cases are, not dogging on the idea.

Blockchain based SIM cards could probably solve all the problems with people getting their phones hacked.


Wallets the most obvious one. Trusted messaging would be another biggie could cut down on spoofing etc. Identity management, security. Payments in all currencies. There are a ton of use cases I think


I think it’s more of having access to a cold storage wallet as default on a phone. If Bitcoin is ever going to be mass adopted then it will be used from a mobile phone to send and receive payments.

I had the same argument about sirin labs token, why a token? I know the token will have some features but not sure if it needs it. But the reason I am holding is because at some point either there will be regulations on centralised coins and they either offer equity to token holders or risk being prosecuted.


I missed the meaaaging, that could be huge. Chat apps are becoming more popular by the day. I also missed the identity feature too, maybe it can be intergrated with civic or a similar coin.


If they have finger print scanners maybe they can also introduce some kind of biometric civic key? Also I read that it’s now possible to send bitcoin offline so this could be another feature added to the phones.