How you know people watch peters videos


This might be my favorite one. :rofl:


I watch, I dont thing I’ve been around long enough and have earned my stripes to call peop-o their call signs lol.


You know what…we will just…

Chip chip chip away at it. Lol


“What up what up crypto nation!”
“Welcome to the fucking show!”
“Not like this guy’s (shaking his head) not like this…”
“Gotta buy the DOGE!!”
And of course you can’t forget “those fucking Koreans”
Or “Korean BBQ”

just a few off the top of my head lol. Have i been watching Petah too much or for too long… NOPE!! NOPE!! NOPE!!

“smoke weed everyday”


After reading your post, I took a look at the markets and was then searching for the Sad Violin button.

Stay Fishy


Chi…chi… chi… Chip and Dale. Res-cue Rangers.


“Yyyyoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” That’s all I got.


:troll: … I literally lol’d.


Don’t forget Brockah Chain and Etirium Classicur


People who say - “Bigly”

People who say “Guys…guys…guys! C’mon guys!”

People who use the acronym DCA are almost always Petah’s desciples

Several others that have already been mentioned.

Peter - you’re one in 7.6 billion man.


Ohh these are really good.


Tis but a sniff
Da Booins, little doges
Too bad, so sad.

Hey Fam!
I’ve been Peterized, I say stuff like Yooo, doing it bigly yooo. lol


used that a few times when friends and kollegs say , hey look , loooook , i read “somewhere” bitcoin crashed -20%, and my answer with a smile “Tis but a scratch”


Guilty of that one lol


he got every content creator on youtube saying “smash” this or smash that

korean BBQ will never be the same again.


and when you start saying * Brockchain* instead of blockchain :smiley: