How you know people watch peters videos

  1. Calls anyone named Peter…PETAH
  2. You ask people you know. How much bitcoin do you own? And why don’t you buy more?

There are a ton more, but that will start the list. What else you got??

  1. Complains openly about having a difficult time with walking/running/yardwork do to an explosion in the pahjis.


Constantly says nope like NOPE


well cryptobud keeps saying explosion in the pants since his joint interview with bitesize. But he doesn’t say it as cool hahah


They are now suddenly concerned with the Meta of everything happening around them


they are calling their kids little doges


Haha. Good one.

20 char


EXPLOSION in the fucking pahjis!


they are the other guy that owns etherium classic


Their portfolio is busting at the seams and they are living debt free.



Or children yelling. Yaaaahhyhyyyyyy


unless they jumped in around january


Peter voice “That’s me!!!”


Ssssmashh that “Like” button! :+1:t3:


‘‘Tis but a scratch”


I like the arm cut off on the ground it’s but a scratch meme too.


:laughing::laughing::laughing:Says “Not like this guys, not like this” when somethings wrong… :laughing::laughing::laughing:


When your are sitting in a meeting and something interesting happens and you go “Yooooo!”


When you start referring to Koreans as “Kreon peepur.” :kr:


I’m dying laughing at all of these. Fantastic.