How to Add THE PUB to Your iPhone Homescreen!


This is actually quite simple!

1. Open up Safari

2. Visit the Pub ( and Click the Share Link

3. Add to Homescreen

4. Then Hit Save!

That’s it!

Should look like this:

Now, YOUR TURN!! Share your homescreen images below in the thread!

The bitcoin pub mobile app


yo!!! that’s whats up! making it an app!


My new iPhone home screen with The Bitcoin Pub !!! Yo!!!

August 12, 2017 - ROLL CALL - Excited Today!

Yo! U need a bigger garage! Maybe bigger house!
Tell Boo to start looking for a bigger place! :+1::+1:


works pretty much the same for Android too … just open on your browser and then select add to homescreen … Awesome tip


More people need to know about this. :stuck_out_tongue:


This has destroyed my productivity. Way too easy to access, lol. :grimacing:


I had thought about this just yesterday!


This is what makes it Gold!


DONE! Great tip. Thanks for sharing @john

That new icon looks good on my home screen!


WHOOT! Looking good my friend!

Love for you to try George when it comes out (I see you use Todoist):


Looks epic! Such a busy screen.


I’m looking forward to checking out George! I used Nozbe for a few years and switched to Todoist last year. I’ll be interested to compare it!


works on android too


Will there ever be a bitcoin pub app? Or, is this sufficient?


Never say never…!!!


more people need to install this!


Hells ya. Now that’s BRILLIANT!!!