How do I share a private key with a family member in another country?


Have you heard of multi-sig addresses?
Your brother keeps his private key.
You have your private key in another country.
Your brother shares his PUBLIC key to you via email.
You generate multi-sig address based on your brothers public key, your public key & a backup public key.

You can either have minimum 2 private keys to access the funds(this means you and your brother have to sign each raw transaction using both of your private keys before spending).

Where is the other private key? This is the private key which both of you know the location in where the key is kept- it could be a safety deposit box or your dad’s house…
If something happens to you or your brother, funds can still be accessible using the backup private key stored in another location…


You generate multi-sig address based on your brothers public key and your public key.
You can have 1 private key to access funds(you or your brother can access funds anytime using your own private keys independently without relying on each other’s private keys) .

This is how you can securely share an address without compromising your private keys.
You NEVER expose your private keys in an online computer.
If this sounds too complicated, please refer to my first post otherwise you will lose your coins…


Thanks for the explanation I didn’t know about multisig addresses. In your first post you asked why I need to transfer private keys. I don’t need to. I wanted to invest in NEO and I wanted to give him the key too. I guess we both just need to make a private key then transfer funds between us or split it up.


like I alluded to in my previous response…


A good source of inheritance planning is Pamela Morgan, she has a short article here:


Thanks for linking the article!