How Bitcoin mining is changing the face of the computer business



The PC market has been stagnant for a while, but one market is booming: the business for high-end graphics cards. And it’s largely thanks to the Bitcoin boom.


  • The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the lengths that some have gone to get their hands on the best graphics chips.
  • The boom also showed up in Nvidia’s recent earnings report, though the company is also benefiting from growth in the data center, gaming, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.
  • As for the run on graphics chips, one person likened it to how chickens are raised, with the singular goal of producing more breast meat.

Quick take: Unpalatable though that analogy may be, it’s not inaccurate. Bitcoin miners aren’t looking for balanced performance, just whatever will produce the most Bitcoin for the least bucks. And, in large part, that means using the power of the GPU.

via Axios


True. PC’s hardware is stagnated for quite some time now.
Maybe the Graphics Card companies will start to produce their own ASIC, or maybe an ASIC less Application Specific but focused on mining.

I just hope that they don’t change the strategies too much in a way that it will hurt gaming just because of mining.


This past year has been far from stagnant. I would agree in the previous 5 years leading up to 2017 they were stagnant, but this past year AMD stepped up their game to the point they caught Intel completely off guard.

The Ryzen CPU’s turned out to be a major milestone for AMD and hopefully this year will be some more improvements on the platforms. Intel still holds the belt on best performance but AMD I feel has stolen the show with near top of the line performance lower power draw and smaller price tag. I have always been an Intel/Nvidia enthusiasts, but gotta give it to AMD this year with their CPU’s

8700k - 6c/12T 95W 4.7Ghz Turbo $374
1700 - 8c/16T 65W 3.7Ghz Boost $289
1600 - 6c/12T 65W 3.6Ghz Boost $189

Vega was a different story in my opinion this card launch and performance was a total mess. Sure it mines XMR like a beast but its intended purpose was mediocre at best. This was the same for their Frontier Edition that was later renamed to “Frontier edition for Blockchain Pioneers”. It was originally meant to target the professional crowds but wasn’t that great.

I am looking forward to 2018 in the PC hardware arena. We have Nvidia’s new Ampere launch and the one I am personally anticipating the most is AMD’s Zen+ architecture. Zen+ will be pushing frequencies higher and boasting the first 12nm CPU.

Just my thoughts as I did not see 2017 to be all that stagnant.