How Bitcoin made right-wing conspiracy theories mainstream


Salon raising the bar on FUD angles. A professor even wrote a book on the dangerous of a currency that is controlled by people instead of political organizations.

The future is scary folks… but Salon is here to protect you.

Some gems –

Yet the extent to which cryptocurrency applications have entered mainstream politics belies its right-wing underpinnings.

I spoke with Professor Golumbia about the far-right background of Bitcoin and how crypto is helping to normalize some of the more fringe aspects of right-wing thought.

In your book, you mentioned that the people who helped create cryptocurrencies had really far-right beliefs about society. I was wondering if you could just talk briefly about the sort of right-wing underpinnings and the people who built it.

It’s true that there are some leftist anarchists, but these were not leftist anarchists. May himself has turned out to be a pretty racist, sexist, very disturbing guy.

They were all pretty lame projects, and of course they all were shut down because they were immediately used by people for illegal activities. Bitcoin is like, iteration 12.

Since I wrote the book, actually, you can see how certain people on the right — who were not part of the original group of cryptocurrency advocates – have really taken to cryptocurrency. Now you have actual Nazi groups being in favor of Bitcoin. Weev, one of the biggest Nazi leaders worldwide is into it.

It only gets better from there.


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Im curious about future of more innovative projects. I thing that soon we will see alt coins with rock stable rate independent from BTC. There is already for example Nebula Network - it’s a decentralized storage cloud with emission mechanism tied to the supply (in form of computational power and disc space). Thanks of solid backing it’s rock stable. May it be a solution for problem of unstable rate?


just bear in mind, the bitcoin blockchain provides momentum for all other projects. likewise, the other projects provide ‘covering fire’ for bitcoin. mutually beneficial ecosystem.


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