Hottest Deal in Venture Capital is... 🤔



via Axios

The hottest deal in venture-land right now isn’t a venture deal at all: It’s the massive pre-ICO for encrypted messaging startup Telegram. Brand-name VC firms like Benchmark have (quietly) signed on to what reportedly could be a $500 million offering, after which Telegram would sell between $3 billion and $5 billion of tokens to develop its own blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency.

That’s the front-of-house news. In the back office, venture firms are frantically reworking fund agreements to permit crypto investments.

A Silicon Valley fund formation lawyer tells me that around one-third of new VC fund documents include new language that explicitly permits the purchase of crypto assets, often with some sort of concentration limit.
The lawyer also says that he’s now spending at least half his time fielding calls from clients asking crypto-related questions.

Existing funds often are going to LP advisory committees for permission to do such deals, particularly if they are purchasing actual tokens. Pre-sales are generally structured as simple agreements for future tokens (SAFTs), or contracts that legally double as securities (i.e., may already be technically permitted).

One big question is how to handle in-kind distributions. Most LPs don’t yet know what to do with tokens, and it gets even more complicated for registered investment advisors (i.e., most funds-of-funds) who need to have their assets held by qualified custodians. In short, it’s unclear if any custodians are actually qualified to hold tokens.


I had a dream.

In this dream DCTV created their own coin and held a pre-ICO sale for their patrons.

Finally, me and my fellow Pubber no longer had to watch others make millions getting in on Cryptocurrency offerings while we read about the news afterwards, forlornly looking into our coffee cups in the morning as we belatedly began another dreary day, where the only light in that dark 24 hour tunnel was the occasional joy we get from visiting The Bitcoin Pub.

As the dream ended, I was flying off into the sunset to a Pub party in Georgia in my Bitcoin bought Lear jet.



When is the Telegram thing happening? I feel like we have been hearing about it for a while, just curious. I don’t use it but I do recognize its potential.