Hong Kong Cryptonation πŸš€ 🌝


Lei Ho! Any Friends from Hong Kong?


Not from HK but have spent plenty of time there over the years. Missing the beef noodles, will have to plan a visit again soon!


Hi there, welcome! I used to live there! Love HK, but have moved to Australia for many years. It’ll be good to hear what’s happening in HK with regards to adoption of crypto.


Wassuppp!! HK in the house


Well hope that you’ll be coming back soon! Lucky that you just missed two of the biggest Typhoon this year! Crypto the the :full_moon_with_face:!

@voodoo88 - Wassssuppp! Enjoying the heat? Hahah :sunny:

@seikin - Oh yeah? Which part of Australia you staying now? Was in Gold Coast in early Aug, LOVING the weather!!
With regards to Crypto, it doesnt seem to be that popular… at least to my knowledge. Hopefully could influence the younger generation to get in!


852 representing…:hong_kong::hong_kong::postal_horn::postal_horn:

What is the best way you have found to buy BTC here in HKG?
Bank transfer and exchanges are taking a long time to process. Especially during times like this when there are bargains to be had.


Hello Aksli! Good to have another Hong Konger here my friend :slight_smile:

I know right! I was not expecting the market to be dipping this low! I wasn’t able to move my crypto around and I was left with pumping in more money… Other than the usual gatecoin have you tried β€œbitcashout”, they’re almost instant but charge a premium for their service (desperate measures call for desperate actions :persevere:).


Better rates then Localbitcoins but just as slow because you still have to wait for transfers to be verified…


can you give us some insight about the market crash because of news from china


I’ve tried Bitcashout like twice, both of the transaction was completed in a hour or two. They work till 11PM so its convenient :slight_smile:

@gambler666 - There’s always up and theres down but as @peter said β€œI see the sea of red… and I’m loving it”

We should be loving it too <3


read this guys. its crazy.


Doing what :cn: is doing. Keep the sea red?!


so much fud out their. ban ico then news come out hours later. Regulate. it’s crazy.


HK Cryptonation !!! Glad to see a small community here. hope we re able to ride this all the way to the MOON !!


Welcome to #Cryptohk, TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOON! :bitrocket::full_moon:


Have a look at this video from Boxmining. He is based in Hong Kong and very knowledgeable about the topic.
But I think it is more then just the China ICO ban that is causing this… There has to be FUD from the North Korea bomb and possible war and market manipulation.


How’s everyone doing? :smiley: Any KMD traders out there? :slight_smile:


Yoooo! Greetings from Lantau!


Hello Mark! greetings from Tai Po! - But recently moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

How’s the trading and weather back home? : )


I’m from Hong Kong too! Living in MK!

Question for all you Hong Kongers out there…

Where do you buy BTC/HKD? Gatecoin?

Any other methods you have please teach me!