Hidden Gems Below $0.0001


I have been looking at good projects below $0.0001. I managed to get BAXX PeePCoin before it moved. Still good entry points.


Hey Zealot,

Remember, $ price doesnt give good insights if the project can grow a lot or not.
It all depends on how many circulating supply and total supply the coin has ( next to fundementals, ofcourse ).

For example. Ripple has 40billion coins as circulating supply. meaning: To move the price up 1 dollar, the market cap needs to rise by 40 billion.$
Bitcoin only has 17 million coins in circulation. meaning: to move the price up 1 dollar the market cap needs to rise by 17 million $

Ripple needs 40 billion$ market cap increase to move 1$
Biltcoin needs 40 billion$ market cap increase to move 2353$

makes sense?


In agreement. What would you recommend… What would be the check boxes… am 86days just about completing the B90X and would love to get more skin in the game. Am here for the long haul…!


If you look at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/babb/ it gives you the coin details.
Circulating supply x coin price = market cap

Also look at max supply as if the coin is centralised the company or team may be holding a big portion that is locked up like XRP for example

So it’s probably a good idea to head over to the coins website and read the whitepaper too.


Just to add to @Pheriannath’s message. $'s are not a good indicator if a coin is up or down. Since nearly all Alts have their $ value based off of their BTC value and you need BTC or ETH to buy them then you need to look at that value from when you purchased to know if a coin is up or down. The only way around this is you buy BTC or ETH with FIAT and then immediately buy your alt coins and do this every time. If you do not then you need to follow my above example.

Also to add to this topic playing with coins like this in my opinion is not a smart move. These coins almost always have extremely low volume that even if the price does spike up you will have a hard time selling the coins at that price. You need to make sure you have volume and some liquidity in these extremely low cap coins.


That doesn’t really give the full picture.

If XRP rise by $1, your investment has risen by 140%
If BTC rise by $2353, your investment has risen by 25%

So $100 in XRP would be $240
And $100 in BTC would be $125


In my opinion there is one ICO project worth to follow. It’s decentralized storage cloud Nebula Network. What’s most innovative is emission mechanism tied to the supply. Thanks of it Nebula is rock stable and independent from BTC.


Yes, very good point!
I guess what I was trying to show is that actual price in $ is of no relevance. Market cap is the variable to check!


doubt there are gems that cheap and if they rise in price, its a pump and dump.


On another note, some projects might actually get a HUGE run (Yuuuge :trump:) because of that very same reason, the low price per token compared to others, we saw this phenomenon on the last couple of months of the last BTC bull run, so yeah it could happen.

My watchlist personally is AGI (Singularity Net) but its $0.2 , no where as cheap as what you post though, Telcoin and Dent are in the $0.00x range, those two could do something ? dunno


As Manuel and others alluded to, it is more perception of value than anything, which becomes more apparent/relevant during an influx of new blood into the market (typified by mid-to-late bull-markets); Market Cap and circulating supply vs. total supply are the real measure of value.

But along these lines, I think of something like UNetwork (UUU); which has a current price of $0.006.

Projects of worth with a much higher supply than this / lower of a cap either don’t exist on the open market (otherwise institutional backing would have ID’ed it, invested pre-ICO, and caused cap to expand and thus price) -OR- they do exist, but the liquidity is such that the limited amount you SHOULD invest in these projects is so low that the risk may not be justified. There are exceptions but they are very rare.