HI @everyone I would love some help on GPU mining


I am new to mining and would like to get some help on which mining cards to buy that has the best roi or cost efficient things or ideas please reach out to me someone…


hi @thewealthunit since i am new also to this game, i found nvdia gtx 1050Ti suits me best. I would say this card is an entry level GPU that i can afford, and i am strictly searching information only for Nvdia, because AMD need a bit complication settings said someone so i get the Nvdia. I am using my old, low end gaming computer, i bought the GPU and put it on my computer. Also someone said which cards you would like to buy is also depends on what coin do you like the most? or which would you like to mine…


I was looking into 1080ti or 1080 zotac I wanna be able to mine multiple coins and is it worth buying the titan v to mine?


There is a Thread here in the pub you can find by searching for RX580 ROI

Wonderful piece helped me get antiquated, great links and leads in there as well as ROI spreadsheets can be easily tailored with your own actually equip/costs.

Been running 61.2MH/s for the past week on my own setup using Pigsfoots guide :slight_smile:

Much recommend!


do you mind posting the link please…


well it really depends , there are so many factors . I personally went with team green .
How much power do you have ? do you what to expand in the future ? How much do you pay for power ? what is your cooling situation ?
1080ti have the highest hash rate , 1080 are also ok.
1070ti are by fare the most efficient.
1060 and all the AMD rx (580,570,480,470) are great for ETH
Vega and RX550 are great for Monero
1050ti are good if you are on a budget.
I personally use 50% 1070ti , 30% 1060, and 20% gtx1080ti.
If i can get a good deel on a 1080ti or 1070ti i would buy them any time .
this is my setup The Bumpy Road to a mining farm


I second @8of10’s comments. I have went all green on my current builds and especially for a new miner I recommend team green. They are just easier to setup and get running. Then once you get feat wet and get the hang of mining you can make the decision yourself to branch out to AMD or ASIC’s if you choose.

I personally at this point would just recommend finding the best deal you can on a 1070 or higher end card. Get yourself mining for as little as possible and learn on the cheap their will be specific questions that will come up that may lead you one way or the other.