[Help] Feedback on my blockchain job website please!


Hey guys,

I was looking to hire a part-time blockchain developer for an idea for a bootstrapped project awhile back, but had terrible results when I listed on other blockchain/dev job platforms. So I wanted to create my own. Connect companies (no recruiters) with real developers.

So that’s why I’ve decided to launch SatoshiCareers.com

It’s not just for developers, but have expanded to a range of positions in the crypto/blockchain space.

I’ve added a large number of jobs manually but also have a number of exciting companies posting already.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!



Nicely done and very professional all-in-all. One thing…does the refine by category work? I tried two or three choices, but seemed to get the same group of jobs with each choice. I tried backend developer and management and one other I forgot the name, but got the same list of full stack developers each time.


UI looks fab…congratulations & all the best!


look really good!!!


Navigation is slick, nice job. Looks fab well done. All the best.


Keep building! Keep going!


so this is probably going to sound stupid but i’m going to say it anyway because i have no shame!

on every ICO out there you see a list of developers and C level employees (ceo, cfo, etc…)
and you also ALWAYS see “advisors”

i would suggest adding a category for executive “c level” employees as well as “advisors”
i know that “advisors” is very nebulus but honestly a lot of times people will pay you just to have your name attached without any work being done, so there has to be a market of people searching for that.


Love it! Ill keep this on my list of sites to check since i am actively looking for roles in the space! Great stuff


Hey @mwlang , thank you for your reply. I appreciate it and your kind words.
The ‘refine by category’ filters jobs by their corresponding job listing category/s that are assigned to each individual job listing. So if it’s a blockchain developer role, but also a management position, it’ll show up in both.

Very interested to hear if you can remember what the third category was that caused a double up? I’ll look into it.


@GrillingWithGuns That’s a super interesting point. Thanks for the suggestion. We have ‘Executive’ as a Job Level, and I’ve just added ‘Advisor’ - http://prntscr.com/joty5d


@anon24662702 I can’t seem to replicate this error. What you tell me what mobile / browser version you’re using and I can look into it please?


Thank you all for your kind words! Will keep crankin it! Still a long way to go…


Great job!!

I’ve never seen this feature before (BTW, I like it): I searched for jobs in NY, NY and got 10 positions. One of the positions was in Jersey City, NJ (just across the Hudson River). Is there something in the selection process that is “proximity” driven?


so question i have about that.
are you only letting those job levels show up if there is a posting for it? because i’m not seeing either on the list


Thanks @Peter_Rehm - yes if you search a job by location there is an option to search within a set proximity. 10km, 20km, 50km… http://prntscr.com/jpb7zv


Ah I get what you mean now @GrillingWithGuns - these are job categories. So what you see in your image is only job listings that fit within these categories. We have ICO Support as a category, but have added ICO Advisor too.

This is the list of job categories we have available - what do you think?

… Admin/Support
… Blockchain Architect
… Blockchain Developer
… Business Development
… Cryptocurrency Analyst
… Data Analysis
… Design
… Financial
… Human Resources
… ICO Advisor
… ICO Support
… Legal
… Management
… Marketing/Sales
… Mining
… Public Relations
… Research
… Smart Contracts
… Strategy
… Other