Heading to New York on Friday any Crypto Coolness Happening?


Should we have an impromptu MeetUp Bitcoin Pubbers :wink:


what are you doing in NYC?


Business meetings but I’m hopin’ I can squeeze in some fun and hit up a crypto event or gathering or…? I’m there Friday-Monday


@techspartan the New York Plaza, formerly owned by President Donald Trump, was supposed to be one of the first asset-backed ICOs. Basically token ownership of the hotel rather than traditional stocks which cuts out the investment bankers fees.

It was being promoted by Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary but news reports suggest it’s not going well.
Not sure if the problem relates to the 25% stake owned by a 3rd party that doesn’t want the hotel to be sold or if there are issues with the ICO.

Would be interested to know if you find out what the problem is during your visit to New York.


Yeah man for sure I’ll definitely check it out and let you know what I find out.


New York Plaza finally sold for $600m - was it a crypto deal?


This is happening in NYC, got this from the Current Media ICO but too far to travel for a few free cocktails from Australia.