Hardware vs paper wallet for long term hodling


For long term btc hodling, is it recommended to put it in paper wallet?
Hardware is also safe, but do you have to continue to keep the firmware up to date?


Paper is cheaper, basically free.

But hardware is cooler. Something like the Ledger supports over 30 cryptos on one device (You can’t access them all at once, but that’s a separate issue). With paper, you will probably have pages (or a stack if you print each private key on a separate page). You still have to write down the 24 word passphrase though, just in case you step on your Ledger or do some other destructive thing to it by accident.

As for firmware update, as long as you have the 24 word passphrase, you don’t need to. Worse case scenario is you just have to reset your hardware wallet, update the firmware, then import the 24 word passphrase back in.