GPU PCIe circuit board fix


Do you guys think this is fixable?


Did you drop it? Looks difficult to fix.


No I didn’t drop it. I received it this way.


If it’s new return it. If it’s 2nd user you may be stuck with it.


Looks like an Asus ROG Strix 1070. I take it that you can’t RMA it. It might take some intricate soldering and wiring it directly to a PCIe riser adapter.


Looks like the damage is mostly pins that don’t get used, you might be in luck.

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I would contact ASUS. I dropped a screwdriver on a 1080ti and knocked a capacitor off the board. They sent me a refurbished one about 2 weeks later at no charge. ASUS has always done me right with customer service.

Due to it being a multi layer board that is going to be a really hard DIY fix. If ASUS wont fix it I would try carfefully slotting it into a PCIe extender slot to try and bed the board back.


yeah dude i would just RMA that if its a new card that shipped that way.


It’s not a new card. I got it second hand.


I don’t think it can be fixed unless u have duct tape an a pair of vice grips.


I’m new but if it was me I would just try and solder the connection and see what happen’s!


yikes, yeah i’d try and clamp that back down with smooth jaw tongue and groove pliers or at very least some pliers with rubberized teeth.
i wouldn’t have high hopes though.


If you are going to use it for mining, you dont need those back pins, they are not used.

Grab a mini-riser like this one:

Plug it into the card and start mining :slight_smile:

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