GPU in stock. Will try and keep this updated as I get news


Just in case anyones interested. A little pricey 1060s. But just putting it out there. Low power consumption and decent hash rates i think.


6 gb sold out, 3gb left only. That was fast! LOL



Ugh, those prices though.


Agreed, I’m still waiting.



Drop me a pm for bulk buy. Sorry if I am slow, I am mostly on reddit and now reminding myself to check pm here often!


@Jay_Kavathe I’m still waiting on prices. I’m still not happy with its current prices, but they are dropping slowly. Don’t know how long though. I will keep posting as the emails come in. I do like the idea of a bulk buy, but I’m probably gonna go the slow and steady route.


Oh I meant that if you are looking for bulk buys yourself or have buyers, I can provide the supply.


Hi Jay I’m interested in buying 5 rx580s for my mining rig. My email is, please email me if you’re willing to sell me some. I’m based in Vancouver :slight_smile:



That card is 4GB and 399. I am selling 570 8G with new micron mem that can be pushed to 31 MH/s@100W for 375+shipping. No tax outside Indiana.


Looking to get 100 RX 570 or 580. My email:


get it while you can…

High hope mining

Nice Catch. Just picked one up.

Nvidia Volta cards coming mid-2018!?