Good Data Points for Predictive Analytics of Alt-Coin surges and dips



Starting to explore a optimum strategy to profit from side trading alt-coin strategies and exploring utilizing Tensorflow and Keras to build digital neural network mechanisms to build more certain and more accurate data outputs to gauge the crypto market well.

Accurate data points for crypto coin history, market cap, github commit frequency, value of the crypto coin itself are standard, but with the volatile market the way it is, I feel I am missing some data point nuance that are not so technical, such as countries that “ban” cryptocurrency, countries that are dependent on cryptocurrency, SEC regulations on cryptocurrencies, popular opinions of cryptocurrencies, social networks that block or censor the crypto markets.

Is there a project like this or reliable data points that can be scraped or obtained by reliable and vetted sources to implement Machine Learning training, to build neural network mechanisms with the best and most accurate data? Or better still is there a neural network available that has already been or is being trained to predict the swings of the alt-coin market?