Girlfriend broke up with me because of Crypto... GUESS WE WON'T SEE HER ON DA MOONNN


I’m a giant loser and my gf still supports my obsession with crypto…


If she doesn’t support you, then you should tell her, “No, I’m dumping you!”

Everyone should start the B90X! Don’t be surrounded with negativity and people who will bring you down!


lets be real guys.

someone who supports you and puts you above all is worth keeping. just because they do not agree on a few things does not mean you should dump them…

this is not financial… i mean relationship advice and purely my personal opinion.



Wow… That article makes so much more sense to me right now after all this time.


Yep it’s a good reminder. I’m not focused on romantic relationships at this time. It’s more important to me to fall back in love with things that I enjoy. If a relationship were to happen for me now it would be a natural process, not something I am searching for or hoping for. I read about your breakup in the “what are you working on thread” and can relate to a lot of what youre going through as can anyone that has loved and lost. Focus on yourself and the things that you enjoy and you will find the greatest love in that :fist: :heart:


Thanks for these strong words! I know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that one’s own life can’t be defined by just a single thing whether that is a relationship or something else. I guess I’m slowly wrapping my head around the idea that I forgot what it is like being independent and I must rediscover it. :fist:


Discover your work and purpose in life, then everything else will follow and come to you. As @kryptokenzie said, take some time to fall back in love with some things that you enjoy. Afterall, there’s a reason why you’re drawn to them. In my belief, a woman was designed to be your helper (not a slave or servant, but a partner). She is supposed to share YOUR vision and “help” you to get there, because being your partner, she will also enjoy and benefit from that vision once it is realised. This also implies that your life vision should not only profit and enrich you, but others as well. The following principles have opened up my eyes and helped me see things differently, and I hope it helps you and others: