Getting in on private funding for CHIA the next gen crypto by bram cohen the inventor for BitTorrent


Keep me posted. I like it.


Someone running a pool in the near future?


I will keep you guys posted for sure


It will once the details are narrowed down. Likely will do it through limes/galaxy foundation


I will keep you posted buddy


Sounds good



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Ok guys got the final updates in private funding/institutional round. I am working with limes on logistics and details regarding pool investment after receiving the investment agreement and details from Chia, inc and spoke with the co-founder.

very exciting opportunity if anyone is interested please join galaxy foundation and watch out for more details, as I am working with limes regarding this opportunity and will require team/admin approval.

individual investment is 250k, funds/group = 500k. I think doing a pool/group makes sense spread out the risks to balance out the optimal risk/gain ratio. unless you’re a cryptowhale and want to do this alone. However if you want to do it individually PM me and let me know I can help you set it up remember it is 250k per individual.



Is galaxy foundation a telegram group?


Yeah. Limes run it. Gtvvhv bu


I searched “galaxy foundation” and it came up empty. Do I need invite?


Hi guys,

here you go,


Thanks Keys, appreciate the heads up, I will certainly be hitting the galaxy group up for this one.


thanks keys already in the pool and will likely be looking to get in on this top work


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alright guys the Chia private sale has been setup on Galaxy telegram. please whitelist/Kyc if you want to be part of the private investment for Chia. yes it is happening right now :slight_smile:


How? aklsdjf lkasdjf lkja dflkjdf s


Hard work and persistence?

I spoke to the cofounder ryan singer and the advisor gene Hoffman jr

Worked with limes and galaxy group get the Safe and institional funding offer finalized

Now we are pledging


If we can hit 500k in investment we are in good shape


You will get equity share in the company and premined chia coins with voting rights


wish i could keys but i’m just starting out so dont have that kind of capital at the moment, great opportunity for you all though and congrats to you and limes on the work to get the deal for galaxy!


Did I miss the opportunity to invest? Or what can I do to invest in this project?