Getting in on private funding for CHIA the next gen crypto by bram cohen the inventor for BitTorrent


s who is interested in investing in CHIA? It is the new crypto by bram Cohen the inventor of BitTorrent that uses proof of space decentralized mining

I am an accredit investor going on the private funding wondering if you guys want to invest before the public sale likely around the summer please let me know if you are interested


any idea how the mini-ipo will work? investing in this project is a little unclear. ive never participated in an IPO before.


Yeah iPO is gonna be for public traded security/company

They are doing a Dutch private auction for shares of the company but not for chia. However each share holder gets chia when it is available


Well i’m interesting in investing this one for sure just need to know details. I think a few others on the pub would be interested as well.


Yeah man I have a phone meeting tomorrow with chia ‘s cofounder to talk about the details and I will post it here


Ooh I like this a lot!!!


Any updates on this?


i got some information. they are using the private funding through the SEC compliance program called Regulation A+ from the JOBS ACT which allow then to obtain funding up to 50million dollars with both accredited and non-accredited investors through a public auction format

Andressen Horowitz and other VC firms has already funded the company via private seeding money, bunch of All stars and obviously the technical talent with Bram Cohen.

So I am going to setup another meeting to discuss how i can either get an investment pool to fund the project. I will share some of the information with our pub member LImes who and others has setup a investment pool that is trust worthy already setup on multiple projects to see if this is something that the pub member /investment pool member would like and I will fill out their request forms. Obviously I also want to do some private investing also on the side along with the pool

So basically buying a equity in the company via SEC compliant program
Chia,Inc will pre-mine which the shareholders will get chia coin out of the pre-mined coins.
rest of the chia coin will have to be mine via proof-space+time mechanism. This will be very useful because you can both own equity and the coin at the same time

I will post more details once i get to my other phone meeting


see my post above… more details to come


Thanks Keys!!! :muscle:


mean while check out the Bezant ICO thread with icon/bithumb sponsored ICO project
which LImes currently have a active investment pool going on with primeblock. you can invest any amount 0.5eth or more whatever you want

obviously do your own research and read other pub members has to say


ive already got my KYC approved for that. Going in privately on this one.


nice… how much you’re going in for

i spared about 4.9 eth just play money

saving the rest for chia and/or edenchain


when are they coming ? i might be interested


5 ETH for me. Dhf ggf hfb


We recently announced our $3.395 Million Funding Round led by Naval Ravikant in TechCruch:

Six major investment firms participated: Andreessen Horowitz, True Ventures, MetaStable, Greylock Partners, Danhua Capital, and DCM.

We plan on doing a $50m public auction this summer using Regulation A from the JOBS act. This may be the first fully compliant public offering for a crypto company. We hope to launch the network in Q1 of next year.

We’re looking for software engineers with decentralized protocol experience or a strong background in math and cryptography.

More info will be coming soon, and I’ll keep posting updates here. Thank you all for your support and lively discussions on Keybase! Join our Keybase group to participate in group discussions with me and the Chia team.


Exciting project :slight_smile: Good work. I am interested.


Soon I will get more
Details I have a phone meeting coming up with the cofounder Ryan singer next wed


it’s got me intrigued and wanting to know more, also if it’s not going on sale till the summer it gives me a chance to save for some more ETH!


Keep me updated on this one please Keys it sounds like something might be of interest to me…