Get out of crypto currency while you can!



Haha, you know that dude in the upper picture is Pootie Tang?
Such a good movie, directed by Louis C.K. :+1:


What a strange man lol


Strong hands man. I got into crypto late December just DCAing and patiently waiting for the end of the year for the gains. :rocket:


This should be an official FUD thread! Now we need a FOMO one!


Prediction based on what ?


…What’re you new?


Good advice and everything done reasonably right. :+1:

I couldn´t have cared less for his sale at a loss but projecting his own megahurtz into spreading FUD and giving doubtful recommendations to the pub like this was what upset me.


I don’t get it. You would rather invest/buy after it hits 12K but not willing to buy it lower?
I’m guessing your plan is to do short/mid-term trades and not invest for years into the future.


Nah I think he only likes debating and sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:


people saying 10k by end of year are following traditional bubbles. it is certainly within the realm of possibility


Time will only make Bitcoin more rare. Regardless BITCOIN will be worth hundreds of thousands one day maybe even millions.


it actually is solid financial advice cause it minimizes risk and has you buying back it during a period where there is proven confidence in bitcoin.

it isnt as simple as “derp sell low buy high”

if we think bitcoin can reach 25K levels then selling now and not looking to buy in untul bitcoin proves to be a bull market again then you dont mind missing out on the run up from here to 8k to 10-12k levels.

losing 15-20% short term, eliminating the chance of losing 50-75% and then buying in and seeing 100% gains after that.

risk management while still getting your piece of the pie if bitcoin does turn bull again.

it is not some forgone conclusion that if you hold bitcoin eventually it will “moon”. thats not how investing works.


When 5% Loss bbbbbbbbb




bull shit with what market cap as if if wont rise this year you would be a fool to think big money isn’t coming


In other news, the sky is falling. I kid…thank you for the warning. I am invested and I will hodl. And when I have more money I can afford to lose, ie online gambling,or eating out, I will buy crypto instead like I have doing the past few months. I would rather lose a little now, then Fomo at massive gains later on and pay premium for items I can now garner at a significant discount.


it doesnt work that way. especially in a bubble


But doesn’t bitcoin grow in bubbles? And every time we see the bubble pop it lands farther then where it started? At least that’s what Andreas Ant said about Bitcoin…




Bingo. This is absolutely right, and far more insightful than anything the OP wrote.

@Jahosefat, if you’re swing trading, then the dollar value means very little. All you’re doing is looking for opportunities where the potential upside far outweighs the downside. So long as we’re under $12k, the potential risk is very high. Once we break $12k, this reverses, and the potential upside becomes significantly higher than the risk.

It’s just a very different way of thinking than hodling. As much as I bitch at Jason over in the ICX discussions, he’s usually right in his strategies and TA.