Get out of crypto currency while you can!



Let begin with this: Crypto has always been a HIGH-RISK operation. If you can’t afford to hold long term, you are in the wrong market.

There are 3 types of “investors” in general (Not only crypto):
1 - Long term.
2 - Short term / Traders
3 - None of the above

If you are long-term, then you are doing wrong, period. Long-term investments usually go for 10 years at least, leaving the market with a few months is just nonsense.

If you a trader, it doesn’t matter to you if the market goes up or down, you can make your thing either way. so no reason to alarm

If you are in the third option you are in the wrong for entering a market you don’t understand/believe expecting a magical ROI. These kind of people are the one that loses money for the other two.

I will say this, i’m in the same position as you since my first buy-in my portfolio lost around 35~40%. But here is what i did:

  • I buy my first bitcoin at USD 11K
  • I didn’t put all the money at once;
  • With the money that was hanging, i could buy at a low price
  • If you do an average of the prices, i can sell all my portfolio around BTC/USD at 9K and have a 10% ROI
  • Of course, even now i didn’t put all the money in, because the market can go even lower
  • I’m making short small bets and making a few dollars a week with those, sometimes losing, sometimes winning, but all with money i already know i can lose 100%
  • I’m learning all that i can about investments, crypto, charts and so on

Even if this entire market goes down and i lose 100% that i put in (something that i was already prepared since the beginning because it is a HIGH-RISK operation) i’ll be leaving with a lot of knowledge to do other kinds of investments, my crypto adventures are giving me new skills that i’m already putting to use in other markets.

Unfortunately, a lot of people with low-risk/assured-result profile came to crypto unprepared to the high-risk environment. It’s sad that you lost money, but life is leaning, use it to your advantage, educate yourself so next time you know what to do.


Unfortunately you can not guarantee that because nobody knows what will happen.

I’m not saying it is impossible, but saying that you will guarantee it is not possible, unless you are holding several 10 000’s of BTCs and you plan on selling them.


I recommend you read this post:

Best of luck


I could be wrong, but he sold now at 7400 range, so he bought above 10 000 USD, which makes him a relatively new investor, so just probably somebody that got in on the hype and then is scared to loose more (which is ok).


nice sheet post VroomR, you know you are suppose to buy low and sell high right?


You know how much of a lost that is? lol I’d rather HODL it then sell for a loss!


lol my thoughts exactly


If you wanna get rekt or FOMO buy later, then yeah, sell now.

Darcy C


A clear case of weak hands.

Posting this in the #trading-discussion:fundamental-analysis category is a joke.

Looking at your stats tells a story:

You should probably have read a little more.

I was tempted to rename your post to

I got out of crypto because I don´t know what I am doing

Not even worth the time to read such a shitty post.
It helps nobody.


It’s weird when we “all” know something is going to happen with the lightning network?



you bought in early december didn’t you… come on buddy admit it :smiley:


If I did what you did - the next day bitcoin would be up 20%.


ever get that feeling that bitcoin is alive and exists just to go against whatever you do? :slightly_smiling_face:


bitcoin died 2000 times, it still higher then ever


And Sparky thought no one was listening to him!

Keep up the good works.

Actualy I like Sparky. I like the counter ballence and his gut.

Good times…


Sharing is caring, but not always. STD’s and panic are not for sharing.


problem is he contradicts himself from thread to thread. But it’s fine, it’s a free pub.


I don’t mind if anyone leaves the crypto space, all I ask is “Can I have your stuff?”


Stay Fishy


The signal to noise ratio seems to be going down on the forum.

This is a good example of noise.

Why this is noise:

1.Where’s the data and research?
2.Based on a belief. (Thus, he is speaking from an emotional place, rather than a logical one.)

In a signal post he would have provided his thesis, and also provided data.
He also would have provided research links. This allows our community to read the same references thus making a discussion possible.