Get out of crypto currency while you can!



I put it in my calendar.


Yeh take it too 100 so we can buy boat loads ♘


Stay Fishy thts nice lookn water


What kind of chart is this Mike, I like it.


Google BTC Rainbow Charts :mag_right:


It’s an old rainbow chart that I re-purposed.

Was used as an amusing way to describe share trading.

Investors want to see slow and steady increases, spikes and shenanigans which is constantly seen in cryptographic digital asset trades, make investors shy away and nervous.

I like to embrace the craziness though while I can, as over time, it will go away and I will miss having such fun each day. I suspect it will eventually become as boring as trading Forex.

On a positive note, the craziness has allowed me to create unique AI and automation that I would probably have never thought of, so these are most definitely the times of innovation.

Also, I would really like to see more people call the cryptographic digital assets as simple CDA’s. The less it is called a “currency” the more likely it will prosper and get off the radar of Govts. I got to several meetups and anyone that calls it a “currency”, I bail them up and tell them it’s not a currency, its a cryptographic digital asset as announced and recognised by the Australian Government and Taxation Office. By not calling it a currency, it alleviates so many problems, we should all do it.

Stay Fishy


Im Token too the idea its not a currency…

Brilliant :metal:


you got 8 :fu:, I am impressed!


Dude your pic is a BULL, you should change it to a bear maybe??


I like that, crypto assets.


So, is Btc still going under 4k?


yes!!! i want cheap btc god dammit lol


God I hope so! Back the truck up time!


I see what you’re saying, me too.


Good comeback, yeah I guess me too then.:blush:


Again… no one can predict Bitcoin movement. You can think BTC will go to 4K but months later, it can be at 40K. When in doubt, just Buy more Bitcoin!


Just a reminder since the original poster jumped out mid March, I’ve doubled my money, if he had only held on for 5 more weeks. Surprised that some people really thought it would go lower than 6000, some ppl were screaming 1500-3000 USD BTC. If you’re already down that much, you might as well hodl, why sell with like 50% ish loss :frowning:


Or even 5 weeks later, he sold at 7200 USD and bitcoin is now 9154 USD, that was a bad call


It’s either HODL or weak hands. Choose your path! :sunglasses:


can I hodl some POweak hands?