verification for US citizens



Well, i think i might be screwed.

I’ve used before and was able to withdraw over 1 btc worth without KYC.

I tried withdrawing today and now are requiring KYC passport verification.

Seems US customers had no issue with using the exchange from searching but after reading the user agreement looks like US residents aren’t allowed to use the exchange.

I submitted a ticket and now patiently waiting.

Any US based residents have similar issue with this exchange?



Any update on this? Dealing with the same thing


Yea if you got this fixed let me know, just found out about this exchange early and was trading on it with no problem but if this is what’s gonna happen to my account then I’m gonna steer clear.


Sorry should have given an update.

I submitted my US driver’s license since i don’t have a passport and got approved in less than 24 hours. Once approved, the coins instantly arrived in my MEW.


You posted a US drivers license?


yes jnkknknknknknknknk


DO THIS! I am in USA and just did this on 5-18-18. Use TOR browser. Use two factor google authenticate just enter those numbers on withdraw. Boom worked for me and withdrew 9888 of Tips Fedora for test.


Thank you JNSIP4 I have now lost everything on his trade calls his fin. advice should put him in prison one.


are you talking about the bald guy on youtube that pushes litecoin?


I love and it was the exchange I used the most however When I logged in yesterday they asked if I was a us citizen and if so to get all my money off the exchange immediately!


Didn’t work for me unfortunately.



Ironically is under Gate Technology,not accepting U.S.,Canada,and Japan and they are located in Virginia