Freelance Video Director/Musician


Easy BCP! Hoping to meet some people who maybe interested in bespoke music/lyrics and video production work. Willing to work for BTC/LTC/ETH/ETC.

Here is an example of work.


I love this man. So fresh! Can you make a song? Would be so dope!


For sure sounds good! Will give it a jam tomorrow morning and sketch a few ideas down see what you I think. Got some ideas already, feeling inspired.

Bigup yourself Peter and thanks for checking my work.

Will be in touch soon. :facepunch:t4:


Nice ish!

Rapper from Denmark here… My current project is no-budget, but maybe in the future :smiley:


Sounds dope man. Link us up when you’ve got some uploaded to a public/private link to share, always interested in hearing new stuff :smiley:


Great track and loving the Manchester vibe. That skyline is going to be amazing once all the building work is finished :slight_smile:


My old work is old, I don’t wanna share it :rofl:

My new mixtape will probably be out in about 2 months