FPGA's Anyone else looked into these?



Yes you need to add about 64Gb’s of DDR RAM to them I dont remember if it is DDR3 or DDR4 probably varies on the model. Essentially an FPGA is an entire system on a board and can be designed to do pretty much anything a regular PC can do.


Very cool. Yes this does seem to be expensive, but in the long run, it could be worth it. I mean imagine buying these cards instead of GPUs, and being able to fit that much more power into smaller space. From what I understand its like 8 1080 tis, but only 600 watts of power.


Its actually at like 150-300w’s.


Let me help you with some clarity: https://youtu.be/pgvO_Iy2Y0o

After watching that video, you’ll have most of the tools and knowledge you need to be successful with FPGA’s in the coming months.

My personal opinion is that it will be short lived compared to ASICs, similar to how GPUs are today.

After watching the video you will learn that you can pair a GPU with an FPGA and offload compute to the FPGA which it does better and keep some compute on the GPU which it handles better than the FPGA. Basically you utilize both cards for what they do best.

Also after watching the video you will learn there is a M.2 PCIE hardware device in the works that is also going to give you a possible 30MH/s on top of your GPUs because it will also offload compute from the GPU. There is a lot of work to do, but Kristy is at the front in the trenches and used to work for Genesis Mining as well. She knows what she is doing and also developed the EthEnlargementPill application. When she speaks I listen.

You can already get into the fray with cloud mining: https://mineority.io/

However the products are selling out fast. Top of the line products are already completely sold out to a single buyer. Talk about centralization.


I will take a look at the video, but your last three lines make me question the validity of your post as you end with a shill for something we have proven many times here to be a joke and waste of money.


The link is directly related to the video. Feel free to post the reference to clue me in on what you are talking about. Without context we are none the wiser.


From what I have read FPGA cannot be forked and uses far less power. Until ASICs can figure out a way to not be forked, I feel FPGA to be a better investment for mining alt coins.

Edit: i realize the hardware doesn’t forked the algo does.


I think a better way of saying what you stated is that Algo’s can be ASIC resistance but will never be FPGA resistant as you can program them to do anything you want. They are typically less efficient than an ASIC.


Exactly what I was trying to say. See, never go full retard. Sometimes it just doesn’t come out in the right way lol


lol yeh i can relate to that


I was curious if you were going to follow up. Are you talking bout Mineority.io specifically? Or just cloud mining in general? Have you watched the video yet? I’m not into cloud mining myself, but after watching that video you might learn how Mineority.io is distancing themselves from the rest. The CEO of the company used to work for Genesis Mining and is the same woman to release the EthEnlargementPill software recently to make 1080Ti hashrate increase dramatically on ETHASH algo and some reports of other algos seeing a hashrate increase. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the project.


Honestly it fell to the way side man.

My comments were towards cloud mining in general. Took a look at mineority and doesn’t look bad not sure their profitability tool is completely honest or I should say accurate. I do like that you are buying the GPU and get it physically at the end of your term. That definitely makes them better than their competitors.

So lets do a bit of calculations here based on a single RX580 option for one year.

GPU RX580 - Average price of the lowest three on NewEgg is an MSI for $300
CPU - Celeron G3920 - $30
RAM - $75
MB - BIOStar TB250 6card - $75
PWR Supply - EVGA G1+ 1000w - $150
Riser x 1 - $10
USB Driver - 16GB USB3.0 - $7

Components Total to - $650 round number ($647)
Electric - 120w / year $0.095kWh = $100 ($99.86 )
SMOS - $22

$772 - Total for you to build and run your rig for an entire year.

At the end of that year you own everything and this cost goes down with each card. With Mineority you only get the card and as you add cards you do not get a discount. So basically with each purchase you are buying them more cards. I get that it is a business and they need to make a profit but this posting here shows why it is not worth it in most cases to do something like this with cryptos and especially with how volatile the prices are.

Even though they state that their profitability calculator is just a simulator it should be based on something like Whattomine with a 7day or 30day average that changes when ever you check their site. Currently their calculator is more or less double what whattomine and the other calculators state. You are also limited on what coins you can mine this is a small issue but if you own your rig you are not limited here and can support what ever network you want.

So after this on the spot analysis I stand by my comment of it being a waste of money, but I do like that they are at least giving you the hardware at the end of your term and they do not have the fluctuating fee’s that other competitors have. With that being said if one was to limit themselves to cloud mining for what ever the reason Mineority is the one I would suggest out of the ones I know of.

PS - Asked @THEDATALORD in discord to give me a sanity check here as he has done a lot of work on profitability and what not.


This. I have been telling people, you can really get a ball rolling if you can afford to buy GPUs and are patient. Wish I could get a business loan lol