FPGA's Anyone else looked into these?



Has anyone else here looking into FPGA mining. I might play around and give it a go haven’t decided yet if it is in the cards. I found this article/thread on Bitcointalk.org.


"At today’s prices

  • one 8 x 1080 Ti rig mining Ravencoin makes $21.87 per day, and burns 1520W
  • Selling those 8 x 1080 Ti cards and replacing them with one VU9P FGPA card can make $50+ per day, burns 150W"

That packs a pretty good punch to GPU mining if it is achievable. Whitefire990 - seems pretty legit in his analysis of it.

Let me know your thoughts.


Yes, I’ve been reading and researching the FPGA miners, expensive outlay costing between $4K-6K per FPGA card kitted out with 64Gb DDR4 memory, making a 6 card rig around $30k or more each. Some say predicted profitability to be around $300-500 per day.

From what I’ve seen so far the software and firmware is still under development.


Thats what I was coming up with but if a single one is the equivelent of 6 1080ti’s then a single card system would be about 2k less than a full 1080ti build and only use 1/6th of the power. It seems like you could put one of these cards into a gaming rig and turn it into a full blown 6x1080ti system with out the noise or heat. 150w of heat is 150w of heat doesn’t matter if it comes from a 1080 or an FPGA.


hmmm 4,300eur


I’m planning on building a FPGA rig once the firmware and software side is known to run smoothly and when I can find reports from others who have successfully built and run them.

GPU rigs are hobby, ASIC is serious, FPGA is going full retard. Lol


not only that the currently version of FPGA miner need to be modify to run full speed and cooler lol …



From what I read, it really shouldn’t be that hot. Either way I don’t mind modifications and liquid cooling, especially if they can hash and payout what it says on the tin I’ll be willing to modify the hell out of it.


I can see this being in your backyard



Heck if your going that route you can put it in your attic or above the garage lol. But like @seikin stated cooling really isn’t an issue as 150w only produces so much heat no matter if it is a heater, a GPU, flame, or FPGA. The issues with the cooling on the cards currently is the heat sink and fan set up to remove the heat from the card.


I too am interested in this. Is there a stable setup for it yet?


stable setup for what? for the FPGA?


Yes, is there a reliable way to mine , a wallet etc…


It has nothing to do with a wallet. You use the same wallets that you would use normally.

It seems that it is stable but only one or two guys that are writing the miners that can be used with these types of cards.


ahh, so this is not so known yet that there is tons of choices. Going to look into this more.


yeh FPGA’s have had a few cycles but not with cards that you can just slap into your windows PC. I think it was Baikal or Butterfly Labs that used FPGAs in their miners.


So I seen that there were a few companies manufacturing them. I just dont understand how they actually mine, the software they use, or how you do anything with them. Like its easy to look at peoples recommendation, but I dont know what the supporting hardware needs to be, if any. Do you know of any solid information, maybe even a hardware list to set it up?


The thread I linked has the solid information on it. Basically this just acts like a GPU when used for mining. Sounds like you would be better off learning to mine on a GPU first as most of the process is the same the only difference is you need a different miner and a crap ton more capital upfront. It is the same as GPU’s in that AMD cards typically use a different miner program than Nvidia.


I understand how gpu mining works. Just that when I read something about fpga earlier, it showed components that could be added to the card.


Ah got ya the questions seemed like you were new to mining didn’t realize you were talking about the modifications. Yeh since these were not meant to be used as mining and constant 24/7 running modifications help with the cooling hence some of the discussions about submersive cooling and what not. But with the card only drawing 150w that is all that needs to be cooled which is less heat than a 1080 puts out so a good case with the right air flow will not have any problems cooling 150w.


Well, do you add sticks of memory to them? These cards almost look like they can run a whole system on their own. One of them I looked at said it had 4 slots in which to put ram in. Another time sink for me :smiley: