Founder Kaspersky Labs says Bitcoin created by American Intelligence Agencies - #CONSPIRACY



After watching this video, I was blown away by how this proof-less propaganda came across you, @peter.

Well, we hear those “facts” (or more likely “fUckts”) on the Russian mass-media. Kaspersky Labs is the one of the leading Russian cyber-security organisations, so this woman, in theory, should have some creditability in the sphere.

But I’d like to point out that ITMO University is the leading RnD organisation working on the our own Crypto-Ruble. So, do you see the connection and the incentive of this claim already? ITMO - Crypto-Ruble. Kaspersky - Russian cyber-security firm.

Choo-choo! Propaganda train is leaving the Moon Station! :rocket:

I just wanted to point this out.

P.S. But hey, at least we are advancing! So that’s good! :doge:


Thank you for this! Appreciate the context!!!

Always a bias!

Always an agenda!


My thoughts? Wait…let me get my breath first…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

More proof that being rational is not the same thing as rationalizing. BUT, maybe this kind of thing is necessary. Maybe it’s just another dichotomy? I mean, to know what tall is you must see what short is. To know dark…know light and so on.

:rofl: How to finish? To know conspiracy you must know non-conspiracy? <—there’s a problem with that fictitious dichotomy though…I used the word ‘know’.

Honestly this kind of stuff makes my head feel kinda sea sick.


There is no content without the form. As there is no meaning without the word.
Being close to linguistics, I understand perfectly what you mean by that. There is always that dichotomy. You gotta understand what irrational thinking is in order to understand what rational thinking really is.


This is another theory I came across; AI created bitcoin


Crazy thought… Bitcoin was invented by a few smart people that wanted to improve the world.

And remain anonymous, because they didnt want to die.


Wow! That’s what I call a conspiracy theory!
Much conspiracy! So theory! :doge: My mind just blew up when I thought of it!
Thanks, @Eldruppen! You’ve opened my eyes!

Seriously, tho! It doesn’t really matter who Satoshi really is/are and what was his/her/their incentive. What matters is that Bitcoin and Blockchain are here to stay! No matter what!


And it just so happens that history would support you in this concern. Our past (man in general) is riddled with the lashing of men of the mind, men of great talent, and men that changed the world. We are adept at attempts to crush them because we, the great masses, couldn’t understand them in the first place.


Can’t wait until the day the answer comes out for real


I got two points:

  1. ’ Churros ’ syndrome: A homeless’ wildest dream of its king is that he must eat the best food in the world (a.k.a. churros) every single morning. The Soviet mentality did not stop suddenly in the 90s. It get passed on by the people educated under the old regime. Controlling is apparently the Russian lab leader’s churros.

  2. Both NSA and KGB knew the weakness of the DES standard soon after its release in the 1970s. Neither side said anything to the academics, who only figured it out in the late 1990s.( DES is replaced by AES now.) I have nothing to equate blockchain situation to DES. But I do believe nation states have an uphand with so much more computational resources. The difference will be: NSA(or any agency from Democracies) will mostly observe; KGBs will intervene due to 1.

Be aware of the immense Vechain red flags

Those are very solid points indeed.

Good point. But the question remains, however, will it be sufficient (or should I say big) enough to do a 51% attack on such a decentralised system like Bitcoin?
They certainly know of that, but given the fact that BTC is so big of a system, they might attempt the social approach to try to get rid of Bitcoin. By making a “safe, stable, transparent” alternative. Government coin.

The most threat that BTC (or crypto for that matter) could bring to them is the replacement of USD as an international currency. I think “KGBs” are absolutely positive about that, because, well… They don’t want the USD to rule over the world. They want the US out of dictating the world monetary policies. Look at RT (Russian backed news agency). It’s shilling (not in a bad way I must say) BTC and Crypto all over to the moon.


It is an almost religious like convinction to me:

The Bitcoin is a solution of USD overprinting within a democratic society, a.k.a. a ruling model with DECENTRALISED political setup. In other words, democracy generates solutions for its own problems. Once US Fed stops flooding market with paper money due to the crypto currency competition, USD will cease to be a problem.

Russia, rid of communism, will grow into democracy, too. We need to give it time. Putin will be dead within a decade.

The real threats are from the regimes of middle East and far east(North Korea and ‘West Korea’), who seek to apply the blockchain tech for their very own survival (a.k.a. the continuation of their subjects’ misery). I don’t believe they will disrupt Bitcoin even if they could. (Criminals love BTC …)To build their own version is number 1 on the list.

Again, this is my conviction. A.k.a “Difficult to find hard data to back it up…”


Oh my god… I’m so pro that!
Decentralisation is the way to achieve true democracy!
That’s why I came into crypto and, hopefully, will stay there!


I meant US or most of the EU countries are Democracies equipped with decentralisation. The centralising elements (high income tax, welfare state) of the West have led to the overprinting of Fiat currency.


Nothing wrong with Putin he has done a excellent job of getting Russia back up there. Strong smart leader :muscle:t2:


Russia is doing the normal.evil as ‘everyone else’. I can give you that.


What evil are they doing ?
They should be are alies not the enemy. Media makes out Russia to be the big bad enemy but they are not. I worked with some Russians years ago and they were nice people but drank way to much vodka


I agree, Russian culture is in essence European. Siding with the Islamic regimes and ideology against a non-Soviet Russia shows the true colour of the US/EU socialist ‘media’.


Strong AI is considered to be unachievable by many academics.

Military of nation states might have other views, but a civilian company creating strong AI to build Bitcoin is an extraordinary claim that needs extraordinary proof.