Football (soccer for you Americans) Thread



Billionaire Leicester City owner confirmed dead… Crazy man.


Crazy man, wonder what happens with the ownership


Knowing the UK gov, they’ll find a way to tax him in death!

He’s got four kids so I imagine he’s left most of his assets with them.


I have heard is Daughter was in the chopper like


Yeah I did but then heard she wasn’t. Weird why they took so long to confirm casualties


You manage to catch the game earlier


Come on you SPURS:soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:


Very sad what happened at Leicester yesterday.


Big game tomorrow for you lot


yes. not looking forward to it, could get tanked again like last season and we are not playing aswell as last season.


Madrid fans…


League cup tonight! Old frank getting to go back to stamford bridge. West Ham spurs could be decent game Aswell. I’d expect a win from arsenal and maybe Boro Getting a win at home. Depends what team palace put out


Big result for United @Duttydirtz


Big game city vs Chelsea… i got city , who y’all got?


Tough one mate, Chelsea are tough to beat at the bridge


No one can hate Kante even if he scored against my team… lol


Haha I’m not watching the game, I’m out in London :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately this results means the scum go top :weary:


Great result for the mighty spurs qualifying for the ucl knock out stages.


unlucky Napoli…!!! man that was a good game!