Foodie + travel photography thread



Last night: A Korean food extravaganza :yum:

View on instagram to see all the pics.


Tell you what seb, I need bimbimbap right now… hate my job sigh… :dizzy_face:


taiwan night market


It was business dinner I was invited to and not aware that this was a Korean place
The name BATZENHAUS didn´t sound like it as well and when we arrived we stood in front of this bulding:

You would expect Bavarian Scheinshoax´n to be served in a place looking like this!
Still doubtful entered the place and instantly knew I was in the right place
I recognized about 80% of the guests were Korean (Samsung Office nearby) and more than half of the staff barely understood German. :kr:
English works well so we ordered a whole bunch of stuff.
One of my colleagues is married to a Korean so we gladly took his advice on the selections.
I had a Miso soup up front, then some yakitori, buchimgae and mandu and as main dish this awesome bibimbap.
Was too much to finish all though. :flushed: but soooo good! :yum:
On the downside they didn´t have Korean beer.
Also didn´t try Makgeolli
Did you check out the other dishes in the insta?
I took pictures of all of my party´s food.
Can you identify them?
They only had the Korean lettering and then the German explanation on the menus, unfortunately.


yooooo da man seb! thats a really nice photo you took of the building!

yes i saw the posts on IG made me jealous :wink: ill take a stab at the dishes:

bimbimbap - never can go wrong
the eel im not sure - not sure
some kind of beef thing? lol - not sure
chicken galbi - BEST
namyeon - BEST
chicken takoyaki- might be some korean thing not sure
scallion/seafood/kimchi pancake i assume - BEST


Looks like a Japanese/Korean mixture. The unagi or anago thing is very interesting, the thing after that looks to be sukiyaki, I’ve never seen anything like that hard boiled egg in sauce thing. Interesting place.


Gwangjang Market


Oh?? I must try mushroom bread next time. Never have. I’m a sucker for all mentaiko things. I can’t resist bakeries there. So many interesting things.


the moment was right. osaka castle


DIN TAI FUNG - taipei 101

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, remember to smile/laugh and eat a ton!


Dont forget to detox with some tea.


Love Din Tai Fung. My kinda place. :yum:


now I’m feeling hungry …


by far THE BEST jjampong we have ever had. insadong side street! cant wait to go back there again :drooling_face:


Taiwan hand made noodles. Forgot what it was called, super delicious


Valentines dinner :


taiwan 2015


Went for Japanese Lunch today :yum:


thought this thread was dead. everyone just posts food on the misc thread on what your up to today lol