Foodie + travel photography thread



here are some deserts. last one was good shit!


I can’t tell if this is Sapporo or Tokyo? Or maybe somewhere else.


tokyo harajuku to be exact.

last one is itaewon in seoul :poop:


Ah. How was that zaku zaku cream puff anyway? I wanted to try it next time.


tbh i think japan was way too hyped for our liking… :sweat_smile:
food was pretty meh too. i prefer taiwan, south korea!


oops cream puff is okay nothing spectacular lol


Next time, ask me where to go! I try to go there every year. Dying to go to SK though.


wont be going back to japan for a verrrrrrry long time lol… our last trip we went to:
seoul 2 weeks 2 weeks japan… wasted our money and time in japan… decided go back to seoul for another 1 week before going back to make ourselves feel better about the trip… come to think of it that was a pretty long holiday :sweat_smile:

i think our problem is we dont like too many touristy places… ironic i know… a lot of savage tourists out there push in line, shove and really just dont care about your existence.

south korea is a must. taiwan is also a must!


Went to Taipei, loved the Shihlin night market! Had bull penis and balls too for the lolz. :joy: I know what you mean about Japan, but it’s still my favorite place, food wise and everything else. There are just things to eat there that nothing made here can match or come close. I usually try to stay away from touristy places as much as possible, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. I’m planning on Okinawa and Tokyo this summer, Okinawa is stunning (and so close to Taiwan!)

I ADORE Korean food. I’m Japanese but took 23andme and found out I’m 30% Korean. :joy: That might explain it.


oh, we are talking dessert? :open_mouth:


Omg. Is that sesame ball what I think it is?? Sesame covered mochi with sesame ice cream inside???


Japan has quality food but very small portions… We had some chicken yakitori which to my research they dont cook all the way? they said thats how it is… lol not sure if they were trying to serve us salmonella…
went to 3 sushi places in shibuya and the sushi wasnt that great… japan does their breads extremely well though!

oh we were in osaka and found a gem, it was a small hidden store with a self serve machine. the quality of the food was sensational. everything so fresh and clean. flavours was amazing too. we literally only ate there everyday lol. we still miss it so much!


yoooooooo that tart and coffee look so gooooooooooood!


cant beat home made coffee :wink: i would be the barista for the pub!


Sushi is hit or miss. I’ve never had yakitori not well done but I don’t know, I haven’t had a ton of yakitori there, although I did have chicken sashimi. :sweat_smile: Some of my favorite places I hit up there are tonkatsu places and 7-11. :joy: Oh, and good ramen.


maybe bad experience :man_shrugging: if i had one week myself there, i would travel just for the anime places lol.


Japan. Exceptional food. Period.


Spot on! I´m impressed


hahaha seb! :saitama:


would you be a tour guide if we went again? show us the real gems of japan? :smile: