Foodie + travel photography thread



As promised from previous thread here we goooooooooooo! :explopants:

Valentines Day <3<3
Valentines Day <3<3

But the lack of FACE of the YUJA!
Who dat be?


1000 patron, and i reveal my YUJA :wink:


late for work guys! spending too much time here having fun! i will reply when i can :explopants: <<< addictive emoji lol


Won’t steal your thunder so I change to 1500 :wink: oh how fun would it be if we all had time and resources to travel as thebitcoin pub


@Clarky663 @john here it is! Feast with your eyes! This was melbourne last year I will be uploading random photos of food but when korea comes I’ll announce it then 3 weeks until we leave!


Amazing @erics
You got me all wet :joy::joy:
I’ll be going steak hunting in London soon. Hopefully I won’t get to drunk and forget to take a photo :ok_hand:


Yes yes upload food here, not many foodies in pub?


@sebrock @booins here we goo!


Seoul 2016


Some foodporn from a trip to Thailand. :thailand:


Looks like size does matter… for the prawns :drooling_face: where is everyone on the pub it’s so dead…


Yeah right!?
I´d rather have three of these huge prawns for dinner than a steak.

But then again, I also had this awesome Wagyu steak at the Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery in Bangkok, which I can definitely recommend! If you ever get there, say hi from me to Jeriko the Chef. He got some mad cooking skillz! :yum:


having been a vegetarian for 17 years lol, i still havent tried a lot of delicious looking foods! my partner converted me when we first travelled to taiwan! i wanted to try different countries foods too!


hold the explosion in your pants guys!!!


Crab aint vegetarian…

If it is then im a vegetarian too. Sea cow medium rare.


Holy CRAB (sic!) :rofl:
Its huuuuge!


@matty @sebrock lol you guys always have best replies hahahaha!

yeah i “was” vegetarian. oh man the cholesterol lol


Samgye-tang - Ginsengeng Chicken Soup


this is def the best thread ever